PHOTO OF THE DAY - BBA Shower Hour Lives Up To The Hype! Check Out Huddah Completely N4ked!

Huddah is living up to the hype! Big Brother Africa is living up to the hype! Oh my goodness the lads in the office are excited. And so is the internet! Twitter is abuzz with both hate and adoration for Huddah.

And d'you know why? Well, it's because Huddah has bared everything to the world! She took every single article of clothing off and was as she was born! But enough chitter chatter, it's time for the proof in the pudding!
PHOTO OF THE DAY 6527084007334363108

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  1. This arrant nonsense!!!! So participant+organizers could decend so low in morals?

  2. lets get it cracking!!! BBA

  3. Had it been she beautiful anoda tin,Kenya got a call girl as thier rep.

  4. Had it been she beautiful anoda tin,Kenya got a call girl as thier rep.

  5. No breast, NOTHING!! Nothing is in her chest. Wondering if she's a woman.

  6. Absolute crap...
    Grow some tits girl, for cat's sake!!

  7. how old is she agian..I thought BBA was not for 10 year olds

  8. When they have been worn out to a state of no relevance they start thinking of ways to market their useless pussy. They don't even know they are too old for any male dogs, let alone human

  9. F**ck! She got no boobs?

  10. Unfortunate......absolutely

  11. Kindly show details n keep on up dating us.

  12. She is beautifull no matter what says who. She was a treat to the other ladies. I Love Her.

  13. Lol! She is beautiful; she looks delicious; she appears palatable and takeaway.

    How many of you critics can expose your ugly nakedness in this way unless, you want someone to vomit and the person's eyes to be infected with cataract.

    Faultfinders, you better go and rest.

  14. This is total rubbish!if this is what BBA is all about,i don't ever wanna hear about it. Shameful lots



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