Kenya: Government Bans Project X "Sex and Drugs" Party

The government has declared that the highly publicized ‘Project-X’ party set for this weekend will not take place.
The Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua argues the main objective of the event – quickly topped trends on social media and was regarded by many as one of the raunchiest – was to promote drug abuse and immoral activities among the youth.

He said the board has established that such orgies have indeed been taking place across the country particularly within residences of affluent members of the society.

“We are currently investigating the prevalence of this practice in other towns in the coast region such as Mombasa and Malindi. I’d like to also note that other prominent areas include Kileleshwa, Runda, Kilimani, and Lavington,” said Mutua.

Mutua termed the ‘Project X’ party as being part of a syndicate of unscrupulous people who have turned such events into avenues of shooting pornographic films and extorting their victims through blackmail.

“Local pornography is increasingly becoming popular in Kenya today with intoxicated youth being filmed without their consent and their images exported and sold in other countries.”

“In this continued violation of the law, teenagers continue to be used in pornographic films without their consent, with the extortionists making huge amounts of money out of their plight.”

Mutua stated that if left unattended, the matter threatens to ruin the youth by luring them into drug, pornography and engaging in acts of extreme violence.

But have parents lost their focus in ensuring that children uphold moral values?

“Indeed parents have a role to play in this. They need to pay attention on what kind of activities their children are indulging in, when they ask for money, they should seek to know what it’s being used for,” said Mutua.

Capital FM News sought the views of sociologist Kennedy Ongaro on what is lacking in the family unit especially in instilling discipline in our children.

“Parents have completely failed to impact discipline in their children. We have no norms, values as a society all this has been drained away as more embrace the western cultures.”

Ongaro said more parents are busy looking for money forgetting that their children need guidance and moral support.

Bishop Philip Kitoto from the International Christian Centre also echoed Ongaro’s sentiments saying, parents need to ensure that they spare time for the children to ensure that discipline is not compromised.

He reiterates that emergence of such unfortunate events as ‘Project X’ confirms that Kenya is currently on the brink of a moral crisis.

“Such events can be traps set out to lure the youth into engaging in illegal activities like terrorism,” Kitoto said.

“Children have this insatiable desire for adventure and fun. Parents are too busy or not able to guide this desire positively. Hence they will look for it anywhere.”

Notable cases of children engaging in immoral activities are when more than 200 children were arrested while on a drinking spree in Nairobi last year.

The 230 children, among them 58 girls, were charged and released on bond. The children were accused of drinking, dancing and smoking inside the Jerry City Hotel and Bar in Nairobi.

“There lacks firm foundation because of dysfunctional families and challenges associated in being present. Values are better learnt from parents through verbal and non-verbal means,” Kitoto said.

He reiterates that the government needs to address the issues of immorality that is slowly degrading the family unit.

“The government needs to enforce strong regulatory agencies and supervision of the same. The Bible states, train up a child in the way he should grow, and when he/she is old, they will not depart.”

“If the children don’t receive these instructions early and from the right sources, their curiosity will lead them to other sources that care less about values,” said Kitoto.

Kitoto notes that it is therefore prudent for society to heed to the words of Fredrick Douglas: ‘It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.’
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