Zimbabwe: Woman beaten and stripped naked by her lover's wife

Photo Credit: H-Metro

A Zimbabwean lady known as Sandra Chibanda, was beaten and stripped by a woman named Mai Jerry, and her friends, over her affair with her married boss, Gerald Nyamunetsi, who happened to be married to Mai.

According to reports, Mai (the wife) in company of three of her friends, stormed her husband's office, confronted Sandra and demanded to know her relationship with Gerald who is the Transport Manager at a local transport firm near Highfields in Zimbabwe.

According to the story, Mai was very angry after finding out Sandra was sleeping with her husband because it was her mother who helped Sandra get a job at the same company where her husband works.

Armed with a pair of scissors and two bottles of beer, Mai and her Friends, entered the company and descended on Sandra. She initially denied that she was having an affair with Gerald but after much beating, Sandra confessed she has been dating Gerald for over a year and asked for forgiveness

While beating her, Mai said to Sandra
"Was it not my mother who helped you secure a job here? And this is how you pay her back by bedding her daughter’s husband.You made me bake cakes for your children using my hubby’s money making me appear a fool. Today I want to teach you a lesson. I want all the things that my husband bought you.”

The angry women cut Sandra's hair while her clothes were ripped apart. They fought with a male colleague who challenged them for stripping Sandra naked. Mai's husband who is the cause of the problem, was not at work when all the fighting took place.

Mai Jerry and her friends were later arrested and charged to court. While in court, Sandra confirmed she dated Gerald knowing he was a married man. Mai and her friends where mandated to pay US$50 fine each by April 22nd or face a 10 days jail term.

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