7 reasons why most African men go crazy over ladies with huge 'behind'

Here in Africa, almost 99% of men prefer ladies with curvy bodies to their Skinny counterparts. There is a perception among African dudes that Skinny girls are lacking some qualities or elements that are present in curvy girls.

Another reason why most African men prefer curvy women to that of skinny women is that they believe that curvy women are more fertile as compared to skinny women. In this post, we have taken our time to examine some of the reasons why most African men go for women with curvy bodies over tiny women.

1. Girls who have curvy bodies look more attractive and younger to most African men as compared to tiny girls.

Men see curvy girls more attractive because the little fat in them help to grease all the wrinkles on their skin and makes their skin look smooth and beautiful, that takes some years from their ages and making them look very young.

2. Men consider curvy women more fertile than tiny women

Almost nine out of every ten men in Africa prefer a curvy woman and one particular reason being that the curvy women are very fertile. From the ancient Egyptian to the Greeks down to the Roman, wide hips and big boobs have always been one of the primary indicators of fertility in a woman and that has made curvy women higher in demand as compared to tiny ones.

3. They are less infant-like and very mature

A lot of dudes see thin ladies as immature and at times, some even consider that having a relationship with them is more or less having a relationship with a fellow dude. You have to also bear in mind that even though, most men do not like going out with skinny women, there are other guys out there who also like dating girls who are thin, it is just a matter of choice, only that those who prefer curvy girls outnumber those who like thin girls.

4 . Curvy girls are usually not afraid to Get a touch hard

Men find it very easy to get hard with curvy girls than that of skinny girls. That is due to the fact that, men have the perception that curvy women are not as sensitive as skinny women and as a result of that any bit of difficult sex comes up extra frequently for them as compared to skinny girls.

Also, put it in your mind that there are so many guys out there who prefer dating a skinny girl no matter what and in the same way other guys always want to stick with the curvy ones.

5. larger boobs

One reason why most African men prefer curvy girls to skinny girls is because curvy girls have got something that is not common on skinny girls, and that particular thing is their large bosom. Aside any other thing, one important thing that men love about women is their boobs most especially, when the boobs are very big. In fact, larger boobs are some of the fantastic endowments that curvy girls have over skinny girls.

6. Curvy girls are Softer

Curvy women have a very smooth and soft skin while thin women have a little bit difficult frame. Men have this perception that they should rather have hard skin whereas their female counterparts should have a very soft and smooth skin and that is exactly the type of skin you would see when you date an African curvy girl.

7 . No Bruised Thighs

When you are dating a girl who has a lot of curves, I can assure you without any doubt that you will always keep a clean sheet without bruising after sex. Most skinny girls would give you sores and bruises around your thighs and groin after sleeping with them. In the same way, a curvy girl with some extra flesh would give you the best massage when sleeping with her. Who know? Maybe that is the reason why most African and Greek men prefer curvy women.
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