Former Miss Ghana goes braless again

At the launch of a new project by Blizz Foundation on Friday, 20th May, 2016 inside Holiday Inn, Miss Ghana 2010 winner, Stephanie Karikari came to the launch without her brazier in her elegant red jumpsuit.

I do not know if Stephanie has a problem with finding the right bra size to hold her beautiful boobs or it’s she just fancies attending events without any bra on.

Well, I admire Stephanie and have seen her at several events especially movie premieres and she always wears a provocative dress that teases us all the time with her firm breasts.

Anyways, let’s leave Stephanie alone! I am glad I have been able to get your attention up to this point and please continue reading this very article for me.

The Save A Life Project is a new project which was launched on Friday as I mentioned earlier to raises funds to support pregnant women who go through very difficult situations.

In case you don’t know, there are lots of women who struggle to give birth because of several factors. For instance, those in the rural areas who don’t have access to hospitals for constant checkups and all end up loosing their lives.

The situation in some of these areas are so terrible that, they have to cross rivers before they can get to the next town to give birth. There are some areas also, where transportation is a problem and the only trotro there comes only once a week, so when the woman is due for pregnancy and she misses the chance of joining that one trotro, then that’s it for her.

I learnt the situation in the Upper West region in Ghana is worse and when you see the stress pregnant women go through there just to have their babies, your eyes will be filled with tears.

To help these women is the reason why this project dubbed “Save A Life Project” has been started under the Blizz Foundation to help support women in these deprived areas. The maiden edition was what was launched at the Holiday Inn with Ghanaian actress Salma Munin as the ambasssador.

The focus this year for the project is Funsi in the Wa East District and Batalawa, Sabuli, Somboro, Gokpara and Sereley all in the Jirapa District in the Upper West Region.

We would bring you more on this foundation and how you can make a contribution.
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