Strange! One-year-old boy with pubic hair & manhood of a 25-year-old

It is very strange how some things happen. A one-year-old boy has grown pubic hair. He has also developed sexual desires. The child, whose name has been revealed as Akash, is an Indian national, whom doctors have diagnosed with a rare hormonal problem medically known as precocious puberty.

Akash was diagnosed with hormone testosterone contained in a standard 25-year-old man and beards have also grown on his tiny face. His parents realized that something was wrong with their child when he was just six months, first, with the size of his penis which appeared bigger than normal compared to children his age.

“We thought maybe he was a great kid, so we took him to the doctor. But when he turned one year, it was clear that something was not right,” the child’s mother told the Hindustan Times.
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