Teenage bride explains why she cut off infant stepson's penis

The wicked stepmother who sliced off the manhood of her stepson in Niger State, has explained the reason behind her sordid act.

The woman, Bara’atu Muhammad, who is married to the boy's father, Muhammad Dauda, and lives in Dafe village, a Gbagyi community in Shiroro Local Government Area of the state, told the Daily Trust that she did what she did because of the insult she got in the hands of the boy's mother and that she was jealous that her co-wife gave birth to a baby boy and that her husband's affection would automatically transfer to the boy named Buhari, after President Muhammadu Buhari.

Bara’atu confessed to journalists that she took the infant from his mother’s room where he was sleeping, sneaked to the toilet where she chopped-off his penis with a kitchen knife.

“I decided to do that in retaliation to insults I’ve been receiving from his mother. She has been insulting me. Anytime I complained to our husband, he will not take any action. That was the major reason I used our kitchen knife to cut off his penis.”
However, the husband, Dauda, denied that Buhari’s mother, Basira, was in the habit of insulting Bara’atu, adding that the offending wife never reported Basira to him and that as far as he was concerned they were living in peace.

“I never heard them quarrelling; I never saw them fighting. My house is intact. There was no division. I treated them equally. I was shocked when I heard what happened to my son. I am surprised that Bara’atu could carry out such a dastardly act. She never showed any sign of madness. She is mentally okay.”
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