5 male body parts that women love the most

So here’s a roundup – in no particular order – of the features women love on a guy and will probably look out for on the first day of meeting a man.

1. His shoulder
One of the features of a man, from biblical times has been their shoulder breadth. Broad, well defined shoulders are a sign of strength and masculinity which women find very attractive.

2. His arms
There is nothing more impressive than having huge, muscular arms. Women feel it’s a sign that you take good care of your body and admitted they love to see a hint of a man’s biceps through shirt. Strong arms signify a man’s ability to protect a woman and, inadvertently, his ability to lift her up…

3. His abs
Women have rated abs as the sexiest muscle on a man’s body. From the face of a man, the next place she is most likely to look at, whether he is dressed or not is the abdominal area – to see if it is protruded or not.

4. His penis
Not a lot of women will admit this; but most likely from assessing a man’s abs, women go further below to try and gauge the size of his manhood. If she finds out it is up to her standard or even slightly above, she will love it.

5. His butt
It’s not only men who like a good butt. Apparently, women do too, although most have stated that a big butt on a man can be a turn off.
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