Man causes stir as metal ring for erection gets stuck on his manhood

Doctors at an unnamed hospital in Bangkok, Thailand have rescued a 30-year-old man who got a metal cock ring stuck on his penis.

The man was said to have used the metal cock ring as a sex toy to maintain his erection but became unlucky when he inserted it and could not get it out.

While he was left in unbearable pain, he put a call through to emergency services who rushed him to a nearby hospital.

One of the volunteer rescue workers, Jack Bansakul, told Mirror UK that, “The man put the metal alloy ring on his penis for some kind of sex game at home.

“I’m not sure if it was one he’d bought from a shop or something he found in the garage, but he hadn’t measured himself properly and when his penis expanded he could not remove it.

“It took doctors three hours using a 2ft long bolt cutter and a hacksaw to cut off the small ring to set him free,” Bansakul added.
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