Egypt Court Bans Islamic Political Party

An Egyptian court on Monday banned an Islamist political party that had formed part of a coalition backing ousted president Mohammed Morsi, state-run newspaper Al-Ahram reported.

Cairo's Court for Urgent Matters ruled against the Independence Party -previously known as the New Labour Party - in a case brought by a retired state security judge who argued the party was linked to the banned Muslim Brotherhood, the report said.

Morsi belonged to the Brotherhood, which the court banned in a ruling issued one year ago.

In April, the court also banned the opposition April 6 Youth Movement, a secular revolutionary group that was a catalyst in the 2011 uprising against long-time ruler Hosny Mubarak.

The Court for Urgent Matters declined jurisdiction last week in a case calling for a ban on the Salafist Nour Party - the only major Islamist force to have supported the army's July 2013 ouster of Morsi.

Source: News 24
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