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Buhari's Demonstration of Intentional Leadership

It is expected of every leader to be intentional in their manners and ways because if you want to experience significant progress tow...


Buhari's War on Corruption

President Muhammadu Buhari It was once unthinkable to touch or prosecute the ‘‘big men’’ for corruption in Nigeria but President Bu...


Fayose’s exposes the presidency’s plan to kill him

One of the many good things any government can do is the freedom of the media. Journalist and media houses should be allowed to speak t...


Fake News Season in Nigeria and The call for Vigilance

Is there any saying more powerful in Nigeria right now than, “the pen is mightier than the sword?”  Have you gone one day without comin...


Good Journalism as a Commitment to Good Governance

Indeed, it is vital for democracy to create a responsible and free media to have a commitment to the values, mission, and standards of ...


So Who is A Buharist And What Does He Want for Nigeria?

If there is anything to thank cheaper mobile technology and the proliferation of social media usage in the Nigerian society for, it is f...


TCN Commends NNPC and NGC for Quick Intervention on Ruptured Gas Line

In a rare feat of effective and quick service delivery, barely 2 days after the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) informed Nigerian ...

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