Scottish Independence: Outcome Of Today's Historic Ballot Hinges On 350,000 Undecided Voters

After months of campaigning, more than four million Scots are choosing if they want to go independent and tear up the 300-year-old Union.

The outcome remains on a knife-edge, with one poll last night calling victory for the No side – but by the slenderest of margins.

The Ipsos/MORI survey put the pro-Union vote on just 51% – a 14-point swing.

Yesterday both campaigns held mass rallies in a final attempt to sway voters ahead of a momentous decision which could change the UK for ever. As the battle for Scotland's future reached a dramatic conclusion:

Alex Salmond delivered a final rallying cry in Perth, pledging that voters had nothing to fear from his dream of an independent Scotland.

He said: "This is our opportunity of a lifetime and we must seize it with both hands."

Gordon Brown led the No side in pleading for the future of the Union, telling Salmond: "Scotland belongs to all of us."

The Prime Minister indicated he will not resign if the Union is ripped apart.

The outcome hinged on as many as 350,000 still undecided voters.

The battles reached fever pitch on the eve of Scotland's historic big decision.

Yesterday both sides hit the streets for one last day of frantic campaigning.

Addressing pro-Union activists in Glasgow, Mr Brown said: "The silent majority will be silent no more."

The former Minister urged anyone with doubts about the risks of separation to vote No, adding: "What we created together, let no nationalist split asunder."

Mr Brown said the No campaign had been proud of its "patriotic vision, proud of our Scottish identity" as well as being "proud of the Parliament that we, not the nationalist party, created". Mr Salmond said he was confident voters would back independence.

Source: Belfast Telegraph
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