Exclusive! Award Winning Nigerian Pop Star Wizkid Answers Everyone Throwing Shades At Him, ‘We Are Not Friends’

Wizkid has had his fair share of bashing the past couple of days what with his friend and ex-producer Samklef calling him out as being too proud as a result of acquired fame. 

Samklef had more than that to rant about the artiste. 

He spoke to Linda ikeji about how livid he was that Wizkid never reciprocates his attempt a friendship.

The surprised super star took to twitter to respond to the claims by the producer saying its all love but Samklef would have none of it. Samklef continued with the bashes when he took to his twitter page to say;

"I was paid 250k 4 dz kid 6tracks I no try? I made no money from dz Dude all I wanted was jst a support for 4 years. He keeps posting me."

"If u want all wizkid instrumental hola"

A little childish we thought but apparently we found out that Samklef might indeed have used this as a cheap publicity stunt to create buzz for his upcoming show tomorrow. He tweeted a picture today revealing the event slated for the 15th.  


"Np DONT DULL .... Silence no more words 4rm me love wizkid music tl 2mro my favourite track right now is Ojuelegba by @wizkidayo"

The issue however took a new turn and it seemed it would never stop, when still upcoming singer, Saeon seized the opportunity to vent on twitter as well. Her grouse- he didn’t retweet her tweet.

Saeon posted on her Instagram: “Folks be like I never charge artistes for features, but I’m 1.5m short and I couldn’t even get a retweet, anyway it’s turn by turn.” She was thought to be referring to her collaboration with Wizzy on her hit song, Boogie Down.

According to Gistreel, it was indeed a shade at Wizkid, and Saeon is deeply upset about it.

Despite the money paid however, she’s pissed with the fact that Wizkid couldn’t even acknowledge her by posting something about the song on his timeline and when she tweeted at him, he refused to do as little as retweet it.

Sources from Saeon’s camp told Us that ‘Wizkid has not been responding well to Saeon, he doesn’t even pick her calls and she’s really angry about it despite all the money he was paid for the song.’

In an interview today with Wizkid, the star in a very relaxed mode addressed all the issues. First one Samklef- He said Samklef is like a family to him, “He came to my house two weeks ago. My house is a party house for Guys and Sam was in my house. So i dont know where all this came from”

But regarding issues pertaining to Wizkid returning the visit, Wiz made a gesture at his homeboy in the room with us and asked him, “When last did i come to your house?” His homeboy couldnt respond looking lost in thought trying to figure out when exactly. His expression seemed like, Forever.

Wiz then continued saying, “I enjoy my space and the little time i get to myself because i am a very busy person”

As to Saeon, “It was strictly work. When did we even start talking that we should be friends like that? She came to me…no not me directly…to my manager and asked for a collabo. Normally i don’t charge my friends but hey she came with some cash and i gladly obliged. I even gave her 10 percent discount. Thats a very generous move because it took her a month to get my attention. After that, its back to our separate lives. We are not friends.”

Apparently, Saeon has an EP out and this is the best way to let us know about it.

Well there you have it people.

Source: 360 Nobs

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