Influential Nigerian Actress Omotola Better Than Her World Class Colleague - Charles Novia

While congratulating Omotola and other Nollywood recipients of the national honors, Charles Novia, as we all know is a highly opinioned individual, spilled some rather controversial statements. 

You may call It facts if you agree with him. He said Omotola’s national honours was well deserved and that he thinks Omotola makes a better actress than Genevieve because of Omosexy’s character immersion and depth. Read this excerpt and say if you agree with him.

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde is known to many. Her acting prowess is arguably in a class by itself and her being nominated as one of the world's 100 most influential persons by TIME magazine a couple of years back must have paved the way for her present national recognition by the Government. 

Frankly speaking, I personally think she has more depth in acting than her 'rival' Genevieve Nnaji. I have worked with both of them in the past and also studied their acting styles. Omotola has the gift of role immersion. She gives everything into her characters. There is an organic style of interpretation she is gifted with. Very few actors have that. She Is not a Method Actor, mind you but she has delivered roles which many method actors would give her a standing ovation for. 

Genevieve Nnaji, on the other hand, is a fantastic actress and a trend - setting one too who was first honoured by Mr President a couple of years ago. But she lacks the intrinsic ability to evolve artistically beyond her present heights in her career. That is my opinion. There is an underlying stereotype in her interpretation of her roles in many of her movies; a linear aloofness and veiled disdain at the thought of being pushed further down the exploratory lane. Of course she has an uncanny screen presence which generally veils her artistic shortcomings when it comes to acting and between her and her rivals, she comes tops on the fan base list. 

However, with an attitude which seems to say she has nothing more to prove, even the fans would become restless if new artistic exploits are not offered from her to which they can beat their chests. 

And for fans of both actresses, this is a professional review of their acting abilities and not an attempt to rekindle old rivalries. Somehow, this post on the× Honours dove tailed into their artistry. All well and good.

Source: Daily Post
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  1. Rubbish, who cares. Nigerians know the truth. Genevive is not competing with anybody, the Gem is in the class of which it is known beyond the shores of Nigeria even in USA which is the home of movie that Gene is the best female actress in Nigeria if not Africa. Who knows Novia whatever he/she is called. Seasoned national and international film leaders, CNN and other international bodies has attested to that. Why can't you just stop fighting people or individuals who are peacefully on their own. By the way between Times magazine and CNN which is more popular, that one will not hear something about omotola being among 100 woman. This happens every time this year or last year another woman in Nigeria (ngozi okonjoiweala) was also mentioned. Why not allow us have rest on Omotola. I have not heard Genevive going around/about seeking for people/individuals comparing her with another. That lady is complete model and modest, lives a quite life. I feel people should stop calling her or comparing her with whoever. God has placed her where she is, no amount of media campaign or sponsored write-up can stop her. After all Forbes magazine this month or last published her as the richest Nigerian Artist. This is the Lords making, if you do not like it go break your head. Stop comparing omotola with her. Stop envy and you lazy and 50K bribe worth journalists stop your pens, cameras and microphones where Gene is. Directors and Producers go for the best actors and actress not by media propaganda. Between the two who has appeared more in the movies and who does Nigerians appreciate more in acting? Ans me?

  2. Did Gennie ask you to write this on her behalf because you have just done exactly what you presumed the other actress must have done to attract attention.

  3. The truth has to be told to theseeeee! journalists of N50K



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