Man Stabs His Fellow Man Over Argument In South Africa

An argument outside a Durban shopping centre descended into violence on Wednesday morning, with a man stabbing another repeatedly.

Shoppers at the Windermere Centre looked on as a man was chased through the parking lot and into a bottle store after being stabbed. The attacker had apparently screamed: “I am going to kill you.”

Onlooker Lori Sjouerman said her attention had been drawn when she heard shouting coming from the parking lot.

“I was in the hardware store and I saw a man running across the parking lot towards the centre entrance with someone chasing him.

“The guy who was chasing him then left and ran away and security went after him. I walked out to see what was going on. The man had been stabbed and he was pouring blood all over,” she added.

“The injured man was just standing there and bleeding profusely, so I got some cloths from the hardware store and bound his stab wounds tight. I think people just froze and people were just watching him bleed, so I just left my handbag inside the shop and just did it.

“The ambulance arrived about an hour later and they took him to Addington.”  

Sheila Vishwanathan, who works at a nearby bottle store, said the bloodied man had run into the shop.

“It was just like a normal day when all of a sudden this guy who was dripping with blood ran into the shop and tried to hide. I think the other guy who he was fighting with then came and stood at the door and was looking for him,” she said.

“We just screamed at him not to come inside… there was blood all over the floor before the injured man was taken out,” she added.

The alleged attacker was arrested by Enforce Security.
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