27-Year-Old Man Marries 70-Year-Old Woman In Uganda

In Uganda, Steven Tikubuwana has married Zaituni Nakanda. The newly wedded couple are now living together at the old woman's house. Steven claims that unlike his former wife, Nakanda is faithful and caring. 

He also said that he has a son and a daughter aged four and eight, who are living with his parents in Kabale district. Zaituni had been single since 1993 when she left her former husband. She says getting a husband is a miracle.

Zaituni has some words for those who have been attacking the old woman for getting married to the young man fit to be her grand child she said; "Love has no age limit. We love each other and that is what matters in marriage."

Steven on his part said: "I wonder why some people poke their noses in issues that do not concern them. Why are they concerned about my marrying an old woman of my choice?" .

He revealed that when he lost his job and had nowhere to stay, beautiful Zaituni welcomed him to her house and somehow they fell in love and are now husband and wife. Zaituni is happy that Steven is never ashamed to introduce her as his wife. .

She claims to be pregnant, but doctors who examined at Mulago hospital say it is not true. She has, however, refused to believe the doctors. Zaituni is childless. She has never conceived or even had menstrual periods.
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