26 Year Old Woman Who Stole A Baby In Lagos Arrested In Anambra (PICTURE)


Onyebuchi Jennifer, 26, was arrested in Anambra State for stealing a baby at Ajegunle, Lagos State. She said she did so so that her lover could pay her bride price and marry her. She said she had lied to her lover in Okija, Anambra State, that the 9-month-old baby was the fruit of their relationship.

She went as far as befriending the baby’s mother, Aina Adetola, for about two weeks, before she carried out the act on Saturday, September 26. Jennifer, an orphan, said she started living with her boyfriend in Anambra State in October 2014, but he refused to pay her bride price unless she had a child for him.

So she left for Lagos in June to look for a way to get pregnant after suffering a miscarriage, 3 months into pregnancy. She met the boy’s mom while working as fuel attendant and they became friends. On the 26th of September, she went to her shop and lied to her that she was going to buy an item and would carry her baby with her. Aina did not object. .

From there, she took the baby to Anambra State to meet my lover. She kept the baby healthy with baby foods. She lied to her husband that she had been pregnant before she left for Lagos and he believed her until the police showed up 4 days later. He had not paid the bride price before she was arrested.
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