Chronic gambler whose wife left because of poverty wins millions in jackpot

A poor farmer in Kenya, whose wife left him because he was too poor to take care of her, was left in shock after the woman surfaced in his home after she heard that he had won the whopping sum of Sh20 million (about N63m), in a lottery.

Joseph Onywera, according to Kenya Daily Nation, said he was very surprised to see the woman who had gotten married to another man after she left him and vowed never to allow her back in his life since she left him when he was poor.

The 62-year-old Onywera, a farmer from Kapiyo village in Kano district in the Kisumu County, won the windfall from the Betway Company after he correctly predicted the outcome of 13 football matches in the English Premier League and barely a month after he cleared the cash, his estranged wife came running back.

Vowing not to take her back, Onywera said:
“I saw her come into my compound and I wondered. She had told me to my face that she would only return after I die. So I told her to go away since I am still alive.

Ever since she left, several incidents have happened that would attract her attention. My mother died but she did not turn up for her burial. My father also died and I had an accident, but she did not bother to check on us.

I am a humble rice and tomato farmer. A certain woman who respected and loved me when all I had was farming, will be the one to live with me in my permanent house.”
Onywera also added that he has started work on a three-bedroom apartment and plans to put his money into good use, having bought some plots of land for mechanized farming, a pickup truck and a lorry to deliver his farm produce in town.

He concluded:
“This is not the first price that would make my heart stop with joy. I started gambling over 15 years ago and although the amounts were not as huge as this, I have gotten over the excitement.”
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