Big Brother Star Game - Three Evicted, One Sent To Upville

The first live eviction show on the on-going Big Brother Africa STARGAME has been held amidst thrills and immeasurable suspense.

At the end of it, three out of the four Downville housemates up for eviction were evicted whiles the fourth housemate was sent to the Upville house.

Tanzanian pair, Hilda and Julio were both evicted from the game whiles Zimbabwean pair, Manetta and Teclar were separated. Beautiful Maneta was saved by the votes she garnered and was sent into the Upville to join the seven celebrity housemates, whiles her step-sister Teclar was evicted. 

Right from Sunday May 6, 2012 when the biggest reality tv show in Africa commenced, the thrills, sprills and surprises unfolded.

Four housemates were up for eviction five minutes after entering the house. Their nomination was held on stage by way of a lottery. 

And the first live eviction show went down this evening with DJ SPHEtacular beginning the show by slamming and jamming the house with great African tunes like Cabo Snoop’s “Windeck” and Eazzy’s “Wengeze”. 

Host IK did the introduction followed by a performance by South Africa's Mi Casa. 

A recap of activities in both houses was shown beginning with the DOWNVILLE house when the 28 housemates first gained entry, the unexpected random nominations on the same day which shocked all housemates, the first kisses in the house between housemates, the soap task, the Question and Answer task, Head of House task which was won by Hilda and the Saturday night party. 

In the Upville house, the recap also begun with the housemates’ entrance and getting to know each other, the Question and Answer task, the soap task, Head of House task won by Zambian housemate Mampi and the Saturday night party. 

It was now time for the business of the day and IK went into action and interacted with the housemates about some of the activities they engaged in earlier on in the week. He said he liked the entertainment and vibrancy in the house and cautioned housemates to tone down on the use of swear words in the house.

He then asked all four housemates up for eviction to stand up and Zimbabwean pair Maneta and Teclar were asked to leave the house. On stage, IK asked Teclar if she had feelings for any guy in the house and she said “No I did not have a thing for anyone in the house”. 

Asked what her worst moment in the house was, she said it was when she was nominated on the first day “It was the toughest” she said. 
Maneta said her favorite Housemate in the house was Talia from Zambia adding that she enjoyed every minute in the house. 

IK went back into downville and when they thought it was all over, Hilda and Julio from Tanzania were also asked to leave the house and come on stage. Julio said “This is crazy” whiles he went on stage. 

When IK asked Hilda what her first reaction was when she realized she was up for eviction, she said “It was amazing”. Commenting on her seven days stay in the house, she said “I got along with everyone because I cooked for the house”. Teclar and Maneta were then asked to join Hilda and Julio on stage. 

The voting result was handed over to IK and Maneta was asked to leave the stage alone, leaving the three housemates wondering. She was surprisingly sent to the VIP UPVILLE house and Ghana’s DKB was the first to meet beautiful Maneta as she entered the house. 

Teclar was the first to be officially evicted, followed by Julio and then Hilda who was crying when she was told she had also been evicted. 

The second random nomination session took place immediately after the eviction and at the end Sierra Leone and Liberia were put up for possible eviction come next week Sunday. 

News Source: PeaceFM

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