BIG BROTHER STARGAME - Upville Honeymoon Over

WHAT a week it was in the Big Brother Stargame house starting with Mampi recording a win of a 100 per cent wager as head of house, the Downville losing their 75 percent wager.

Then the Big Brother Saturday party which saw Zimbabwean beautiful diva, Maneta breaking her heel and falling down as she tried to imitate Zambia’s queen diva’s dance.

But to set the ball rolling, we are again proud to tell our readers that just as we predicted in the Saturday up-date that Sierra Leonmodel Zainab would be the latest housemate in the Upville house.

Indeed Zainab is the latest housemate to cause more discomfort and insecurity among the eight VIP housemates.As explained in our Saturday update, Zainab had a serious competition with Liberia’s Luke who was equally good.

 Luke who had something goingon with Jessica while in the house says he is going to pursue this relationship out-side the big brother walls.

We will have a chat with the evicted duo from Liberia and Dolphin from Sierra Leon. Anyway, the honeymoon in the Upville house is over after two weeks of five star comfort and the housemates that include the Zambian unforgettable R&B singer Mampi started nominating each other from last night for possible eviction with the new entrant Zainab enjoying immunity this week.

This is the moment where you are expected to see a lot of real and unreal character coming out of these housemates as they will try to lure Africa for votes.

Unfortunately, there is no more room for pretence because almost all the VIPs house-mates have brought out their true character on which

Africa will base its decision.

The Downville house has this week breathed a sigh of relief after show host IK announced a special message from Big Brother that there will be no random nominations.

The Downville housemates almost lost their breath after IK appeared on the screen for the third time to deliver the good news.

Come to think of it, IK has been a messenger of bad news from the very first day of the show to the Downville; it’s either nominations or evictions.

Now, the most captivating and emotional event of the wee was the voluntary exit of the Nigerian gigantic duo ;Chris and Ola  undoubtedly in ;love with the entire Africa and the housemates in the Downville.

In case you missed this moving episode last Friday, the Downsville house was all in tears after the gigantic Nigerian friendly duo announced their voluntary exit from the big brother house sighting health reasons.

There was no indication both from the audience to the housemates that Ola actually had a serious problem which would even call for an early exit from the competition.

It was during their diary session of Friday afternoon that the two broke the news to Big brother with Ola telling him that he has had a problem with his Blood pressure and the doctor advised that he seeks medical attention out-side the strenuous Big Brother house.

His partner agreed with him as both of them told big brother that after all, health is wealth.Ola and Chris have been the darlings of the house from the very first day they entered the house because of their friendly attitude and love for everyone.

Even the enthusiast from across Africa seemed to have had a special attachment to these Nigerian guys. Truth be told, they were just smart, very good, non confrontational, hilarious and peace-makers.

That was the very big reason why their announcement to the house that they were voluntarily exiting the big brother house left everyone in the house in serious tears.

 It was sudden abrupt to them and a big loss. Known for peace making, Ola asked for one thing from two housemates who have had a tiff from last Saturday’s party.

Sierra Leone’s model who is now in the Upville house, Zainab and Angola’s Seydou  had been avoiding each other from the day the two quarrelled. Ola had tried to make peace between the two but it was almost impossible.

But on Friday before leaving, Ola took a rare advantage of thev situation where everyone was shading tears, showing their love to him and Chris. He asked Seydou and Zainab to embrace each other and bury their differences for that was going to make him leave the house as a happy man.

Whether they did it for show or just to please Ola, we would not know but the truth is that the two seem to have started a new page. Thanks to the peace maker Ola.

During the Sunday live eviction show, Ola and Chris were again brought on the screens before their former housemates to say their final goodbyes. Ola repeated that peace between Zainab and Seydou to continue. Once again the house was in tears.

It the Upville on the Uphill battle this week in the Big Brother Stargame!
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