Zambia - Former Minister Jailed Over Buried Cash

A court in Zambia convicted a minister in the former government of illegally siphoning off 2.1 billion kwacha and burying the cash on his farm, state radio reported on Thursday.
Former labour minister Austin Liato was arrested in December last year after the discovery of two buried trunks filled with money under a layer of concrete.
Magistra Aridah Chulu sentenced Liato to two years with hard labour.

This is the first high-profile graft conviction under President Michael Sata, who was elected in September with pledges to crack down on corruption in Africa's top copper producer.
His government is probing several deals approved by the government of his predecessor, President Rupiah Banda.
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  1. Too short, corruption in Africa should be dealt with with a draconian atitude that will ensure that our leaders desist from it.

    Until then we will continue to see this monster grow in dimension.

    While the death penality is not the best solution, but we need to look at what the Chinese are doing in this regard.

    Stealing from the masses is mass murder, those who do it deserve the same judgement!



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