Big Brother Star Game - Jesica And Lee Come Back To The World

Splitting two pairs, Namibia's Jesica heads home today, South Africa's Lee heads back to Cape Town as their other halves, Junia and Keagan have slowly acclimatised to the sometimes stormy, sometimes frosty reception to be found in the Upville house.
The Namibian chatted to the two latest evictees...
22 year old Lee is a Graphic Design student who described himself as reserved, free, non-judgmental, crazy and respectful.

Have you ever been to Namibia?
Never, but I do have family that just recently moved there. I haven't travelled around Africa as yet but I am planning on changing all that this year. So I would love to visit Namibia soon.
Which of the Downville ladies were you most attracted to?
I don't think there was a physical attraction between myself and any of the ladies. I think I developed much more of a friendship with them. Although in terms of who I found most attractive, that would be Talia. Although all the women in the house were attractive in their own ways, her personality type would have been my choice.
Are you happy to be back in the real world?
I've been waiting for the drinking and smoking part but not so much the cellphone and TV. In fact, I had trouble falling asleep on Sunday night because there was no noise around me and the bed was too big. I'm slowly adjusting. I will get there slowly but surely.
What were your best moments in the house?
For me, it has to be between two. The time we carried Jesica and Junia's beds out into the garden and I found Jesica with a big pot and spoon, banging the daylights out of that thing. Then the second moment was when Keagan flipped out on the housemates. They had never seen him like that but obviously I am used to it. I was laughing so hard inside but I just had to control myself.
And your worst moment?
None. I never had a problem living with all those people. I would say the times that we were 20 odd people and Biggie announced that the storeroom was open and only gave us a handful of cigarettes and two bottles of alcohol were pretty bad, but really there were was no low point.
What did you learn about yourself?
I found out that I don't need technology to keep myself entertained. With so many people in the house, the conversations were flowing and lots of random things were done. We created our own fun, making a ball out of materials found in the house to play with. We kept ourselves entertained without a TV or cellphone.
What next?
I am not sure. But I do plan on using the exposure from this experience to my advantage.I'd love to become a presenter or a host, or even create my own show.
Third-year Human Resources student, Jesica (21) caused 'oohs and aahs' in cyberspace when a video of her and her Liberian beau, Luke in a clinch hit the web.
We've seen the video of you and Luke and I have to ask, did you have intercourse in the BBA house?
Look, Luke and I are together. I confirmed that with him yesterday. I have heard of all this speculation and I've decided not to comment. I'd like to keep that private.
What initially attracted you to him?
I didn't actually notice him for the first few days until he started talking to me. Then I thought, 'ooh, intelligent and handsome'.
So what is next for the two of you?
We will let you guys know in due time but we will definitely be visiting each other soon.
Which housemate (besides Junia and Luke) did you get along with best?
Tamara. At some point some housemates were against her. I started chatting to her and I felt she was unfairly judged. She is a good person.
Which housemate did you like least?
To be honest, there was nobody I disliked. Obviously people won't always get along with everyone but I did. I was fine with everybody.
Your best and worst moments?
The best was when Tamara told us the boys had taken our beds to the garden. That's when I told Junia that we should start banging pots until our beds got back inside.
The worst was when Ola and Chris left. I really wish they could have treated his condition in the house. It was tough watching them leave.
What are your plans from here on out?
I will see where opportunity lies and I will grab it. Anything that comes my way. If there is nothing out there, I will search and scratch around looking for it.

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