Big Brother Star Game - Keitta, Maneta And Barbz Caught Gossiping

Maneta, Barbz and Keitta were engrossed in a lengthy gossip session about on again/ off again StarGame lovebirds, Goldie and Prezzo.

“If Prezzo would be up for eviction Nigeria would slaughter him,” said Barbz as the two ladies filled in Upville’s newest Housemate on the events surrounding Goldie’s meltdown.
Speaking in hushed voices the women described in details just how hysterical the Nigerian became after Prezzo told him that they were just friends and they also dished about how she did not eat for three days after the incident until Big Brother intervened. “Wow she is obsessed,” said the startled Keitta.

The three speculated over the reasons why the singer is so obsessed with her Kenyan boo. “There is only one reason you can be that attached with a guy, they must have had sex,” the two women concluded. Earlier in the week, during diary sessions some of the Housemates expressed their disbelief at how Goldie was allowing herself to get played by Prezzo.

This subject was once again a hot topic as the three shared their discontent for Goldie’s perceived naivety. “Monday Zainab left and Tuesday morning it was like nothing ever happened,” said Maneta referring to how Prezzo had discarded Goldie for the much younger, more provocative model.

Barbz then mentioned that earlier in the day, Goldie had called her to the side and she had the feeling that the singer wanted to tell her something.

Commenting on how she would react if Goldie wanted to chat to her about her fragile relationship the South African said: “I’ll tell her what she wants to hear.”

Maneta chimed in “Don’t get involved in other people’s business”. It seems a little too late for that Maneta, by gossiping about other Housemates you are already sticking your nose into other people’s business.

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