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Nollywood as an industry, is one where everything seems to go the unprofessional way. One example is the casting process, which can at times follow a questionable pattern.

It starts with a call for auditions, and then hopefuls apply in thousands, hoping to impress the casting directors. Unknown to them, most of the lead roles have probably been filled the minute the story idea popped up in the writers head, and so most of these applicants end up as extras, or in Nollywood lingo, ‘waka pass.’  There may, however,  be an exception for those who are daring enough to take a different path.

In light of this, relating the Big Brother Stargame  to the Nollywood Industry becomes an easy feat, especially because the housemates (characters) in the BBA house (movie) seem to have striking similarities with Nollywood actors.

Tonto Dike                

While Zimbabwe’s Maneta might have her looks, Sierra Leone’s Zainab combines her energy with her controversial nature. Tonto, popular for daring movies like Dirty Secret and controversial actions, like her tattooed back, has in Zainab a kindred spirit.

The 26-year-old, right from the start of the game made no apologies for being an attention seeker, something that fetched her support from the fans, so much so, that she was saved when she was up for eviction.

Zainab will be remembered not only for her boldness to go bald for a task, but also walking in on fellow housemate DKB while in the bathroom, something Tonto may have done.

Ramsey Nouah in Private Storm

Whoever observed the manner in which Ramsey Nouah dealt with his fiancée in the movie Private Storm would agree that Prezzo is the closest replacement to Ramsey.

The 32-year-old Kenyan musician being the oldest male was preferred by Goldie as a boyfriend, but the way he treats her betrays the love he claims to have for her. Although he is yet to beat her up like Ramsey did in the movie, he has made her suffer with his countless insults and disregard, only to apologise later.

However, while Ramsey’s actions can be blamed on his feeling of insecurity, Prezzo’s, some say, is largely  due to his over bloated ego and anger.

In another light, Prezzo can be likened to the duo of Jim Iyke and Hanks Anukwu, both of who are popular for their aggressive roles in movies.

Bukky Wright in Oh Father! Oh Daughter (Super Story)

No doubt Goldie’s character in the Big Brother ‘movie’ was largely influenced by Bukky Wright’s in the soap opera.

Goldie, since the first week of the show, has made plain her affection for ‘bad boy’ Prezzo, sticking with him despite the hardships he has made her face. At different times, he has called her insecure and a power freak, yet Goldie chooses to stay, perhaps hoping that he will one day find a reason to stop hurting her.

On one occasion, Goldie took her acting seriously and started crying. Ever dedicated to her role, she also threw up and refused to eat, after Prezzo told her she was nothing more than a friend to him.

This act of hers certainly brings back memories of Bukky Wright.

Aki and Paw Paw

The duo of Ola and Chris seem to me the perfect comparison for the pint-sized actors. Even though they don’t have the same kind of stature, they made a lot of people laugh during their stay in the house, especially when they announced their interest in leaving the house.

Their comic skills became obvious as they struggled to appear sincere with their excuse of ‘blood disease’ when in actual fact, most Nigerians know they were paid to leave the house just so Nigeria wouldn’t win again. Talk about choosing actors before movie starts.

This singular act of theirs places them at par with the duo of Aki and Paw Paw, who are noted for their comedic roles.

Baba Suwe

Trying to search for Babatunde Omidina’s doppelganger wasn’t a problem when DKB was in the house. This is because of his usual struggleto make his fellow house mates laugh at his jokes, which most thought were either over exaggerated or just plain dry.

Although Baba Suwe may not have publicly disgraced himself in front of over 50 million viewers in his bid to ‘correct’ a ‘daring’ woman, they share the comic gene.

In conclusion, kudos must be given to the casting directors who thought it wise to select very daring actors who could sell the movie.  Actors who they were sure were  bold enough to bare their bodies in the bathroom, or bone each other in the dark, thinking the camera was also asleep. Who cares, right? After all, it’s only a movie.

As the tape rolls and the movie plays on, viewers can be sure the movie will continue, until the director yells out ‘Cut! Its a Wrap!!!’

News Source: TheNetNG
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