Big Brother Star Game - Keita And Alex Evicted

Keita has been evicted from the Big Brother House today. The housemate who is from Ghana became one of the most controversial figures in the BBA star game show since he got elevated upville with Maneta.
Alex a BBA housemate from Kenya also got evicted today from the Big Brother house. Just two weeks ago, Alex’s brother-Malonza was also evicted alongside his girlfriend, Junia. Also, Keita’s eviction came just a week after he nominated Goldie for eviction.
Keagan, Prezzo, Alex, Wati and Lady May’s nomination for eviction came up a day after Nigeria’s rep, Goldie was evicted from the Big Brother Africa star game show. Kyle saved Keagan from eviction list using his veto power as head of the house by replacing his name with that Keita,the bubbling housemate from Ghana.
This is the second time that Keita would be in such a situation. The first time was weeks back when Goldie saved Prezzo (Kenya) and replaced him with Keita. Barbz, the South African born model got evicted at that time because people voted overwhelmingly for Keita.
The latest news in the Big Brother Africa star game show 2012 is not just the eviction of Keita. Most people think that its pay back time for Keita for humiliating Maneta. Before Maneta’s eviction, she openly declare her affection for Keita. But Keita capitalized on maneta’s proposal to gossip endlessly about her. He said she was getting too forceful about starting a relationship with him.
Now, Prezzo has been saved from eviction. Keita and Alex has missed out of the $300,000 USD star prize. Keita once boasted that he has a $87,000 USD back home. Let’s see if he would go back to his girlfriend, Mildred.
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  1. The way nigerians love this useless game just shows their love for "gaining money without any effort". Life is not, and will never be as easy as you think. One has to fight for his living.



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