BIG BROTHER STAR GAME: Lovebirds Malonza, Junia Evicted

WHEN Big Brother merged the two houses, officially launching an individual battle for the grand prize of US$300,000, it was a blessing in disguise for two lovebirds Malonza and Junia who had briefly gotten separated when Junia was upgraded to the Upville.
The two found warmth and romantic satisfaction in each other’s arms when they reunited in the Upville house giving the viewers a rare thrilling X-rated show.
Junia and Malonza even discussed of not only being soul-mates but also making babies!
Mmmmm, was that a strategy to lure the enthusiast to give them a redemption vote after the two were nominated?
Anyway, Malonza had no idea that he was on the chopping list though at the back of his mind, he knew that he was in a game where anything was possible.
During the live Sunday eviction show hosted by Nigeria’s finest presenter IK in Johannesburg South Africa, all the 12 housemates except for Zambia’s Talia and Malawi’s Wati were sitting on the edges of their seats waiting for anything.
IK made his first appearance on the dreading screen to give the first announcement to the housemates.
Knowing how dreadful his announcements could be, the full-of-life presenter first had to throw a light moment in the house.
“Before I get into today’s business I have one question for one of you, Lady May if you were to date any of the remaining guys in the house who would you go for?” asked IK
“None” responded Lady May.
IK tried to push Lady May to the corner so she could at least mention a single name but the Namibian diva stood her grounds that even if the guys in the house were the last on the planet, she would not date anyone of them.
What an insult to the guys in the house!
With IK clearly failing to get the desired answer from Lady May he just had to throw his independent opinion on what he thought would be cooking in the house.
“Anyway, Lady May I have observed how you look at the South African brother Keagan, do you mean you don’t have anything for him?” asked IK, though he knew that he would get the same answer ‘No’ from Lady May.
After a failed attempt to get the ‘truth’ from Lady May, IK turned to the head of house Keagan with the same question, ” Keagan, if you are to honestly date one of the girls in the house right now, who would you go for,”
The South African hopeful did not even waste time but went straight to giving IK what was on his mind.
“I would honestly go for Talia,” he said sending the house and the live audience into loud cheers with IK warning Seydou that he had some competition.
Could this be a plus to the Zambian diva,” certainly, we feel so.
Anyway, the main business was not to ask who would date who and who would not but to tell the head of house to reveal who he had saved and the one he replaced with.
With Malonza, given 10 minutes to pack the bags and prepare for a possible exit, the live eviction stage was now given a captivating performance by the Flychix who gave the audience a thrilling treat of a dance performance.
IK reappeared on the screen this time to give a more dreadful announcement to the three guys and tree nominated ladies.
He started by telling Prezzo that he was going nowhere and Kyle that he played his game very quiet and enthusiasts would still want to see more of him.
When it came to the third guy, the issue was different as Malonza was told to leave the Big Brother house sending his love interest Junia into tears.
What Junia did not know was the fact that the same fate awaited her and it was just few countable minutes away.
On the eviction stage, Malonza somewhat seemed to change his stance on his relationship with Junia.
He said Junia is a good friend who defined happiness in his life but was not sure how far their relationship would go outside the Big Brother walls.
Before Junia’s tears could dry, IK came again into the house and made a second eviction announcement.
He asked all the remaining nominated ladies to stand.
IK started by announcing that Lady May was still wanted in the house by fans followed by the Nigerian diva Goldie who looked so afraid that she just had to lean on her betrayer Prezzo for some comfort.
“Goldie I believe you are aware that this is a game of votes and numbers, I would like to tell you that people have decided to keep you in the game but Junia you are leaving the house,” Junia could not cry for herself but just rushed out of the house with her pair of shoes in the hands.
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