Nigeria - Abuja Bound Arik Air Escapes Disaster In Bad Weather

Nigerian Arik flight w3232 from Enugu to Abuja scheduled to depart Enugu at about 10:00am was delayed until 11:40am due to reports of approaching bad weather in Abuja.

According to an eyewitness, in a rush to get to Abuja before the start of the rains the pilot ignored all warnings and took the aircraft and passengers through an extremely turbulent flight.
A passenger on the fight said, "People clung on to their seats for dear life with shouts and cries of Jesus".

On landing at Abuja the plane almost skidded off of the runway and passengers had to wait on the aircraft for thirty minutes before disembarking due to heavy rains in Abuja.

"This is the hallmark of the flight delays and the resultant effects of lack of NCAA," the passenger added.
News Source: Daily Times Nigeria
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  1. Mr eyewitness,all the jist u're giving out is obviously from a novis point of view.No captain would take of without clearance from the control tower.Pilots are trained so dey dnt joint assume those sits like regular drivers plus 'any landing u can walk away from or live to talk about,is a good landing'.The weather probably approached earlier than estimated and the skidding off the runway...either the runway was slippery or d aircraft was heavy so it feels like its going off d runway.We nid aviators to ascertain wat happened,no assumptions pls.



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