African Forces Discover Boko Haram Camp Where Over 200 Nigerians Were Trained In Mali

Hundreds of Boko Haram members stayed at training camps with Malian militants for months in Timbuktu, learning to fix Kalashnikovs and launch shoulder-fired weapons, a report has said.
The Nigerians fled the city into the desert, along with the other militants, days before a French airstrike on January 20.

A man who said he was hired to cook for the militants said the Boko Haram members trained for about 10 months at what is now a bombed-out customs-police building on Timbuktu’s desert fringe, intermingling with a local al Qaeda offshoot called Ansar Dine.

“Every day I saw people coming here, saying they want to sign up,” said the man, whose description of the militants’ activities matched those offered by four neighbours.

Locals were quoted as saying that until just a few weeks ago, the bombed-out customs-police building in Timbuktu was one of bustling training centers populated not only by local al Qaeda-linked militants but also by hundreds of Boko Haram members.

Well over 200 Nigerians arrived in Timbuktu in April 2012 in about 300 cars, the cook said, after al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) swept into the city.

Residents said about 50 Boko Haram militants lived and trained at the customs building, and 50 more lived in an annex across a giant sandy lot, while others took up in other abandoned government buildings.

The presence of Nigerian trainees in Mali confirms statements earlier made by authorities that some Boko Haram fighters trained in Mali.

Last year, a senior security chief gave a briefing in which he said Nigeria was going to Mali primarily to uproot the Boko Haram training facilities.

Also, Chief of Army Staff Lt-General Azubuike Ihejirika said last month that Boko Haram received training in Mali, making it imperative for Nigerian troops to join the international campaign to free northern Mali from militants.
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  1. How come over 200 recruits were allowed to escape. They have no were else to run to but Nigeria. What a shame

  2. This is good news. Nigerian forces must keep up the good work in Mali.

  3. Whatever the outcome may be we need a lasting solution that will save northern Nigeria from further destruction.

  4. God will surely purnish all the Boko Haram set and Their Islamic Leaders

  5. Those who berated Nigeria for sending forces to Mali, in the name of fighting God need read this and explain how their God is pleased with a country harbouring and training destroyers to waste lives of another country.



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