Nigerian COZA Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Finally Responds To Allegations Of Adultery And Abuse

Nigerian Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly was his usual calm, charismatic and energetic self as he delivered a robust message during this morning’s service at COZA in Abuja.
Clearly conscious of the fact that many of the worshippers in the ever colourful church service and the thousands who must have watched online where waiting anxiously for his response to Ese Walter’s allegations, saying “I don’t know why you are here, you might be here for any reason,” he deliberately held on until the end of the message, although he made a few subliminal allusions to the issue during his message which was about holding on in tough times.

A young lady, Ese Walter, who is a writer and an on-air personality, had made strong allegations of adultery against the man of God during the week which has been the topic of discussion on the internet in the last couple of days.

If he knew anything of it, Pastor Biodun, dressed in one of his adorable shining looking suits, showed no signs of this knowledge early on as he started by describing David as a man who saw everything that happened to him as good reminding the worshippers that when God does things, it is never the way human beings would do it.

“When God starts making a move, it doesn’t look like it on the surface, but God knows what He is doing. If God tells you don’t fight for yourself, don’t fight for yourself because you will spoil what God wants to do,” he said.

He also spoke about Joseph who never tried to defend himself despite all he went through. “He just moved on,” he said and then asked, “or how many of you read that Joseph was bitter?”

He encouraged the members to be strong in tough times. “There is a character you must learn from me. Don’t let them call you out. Determine the terrain where you will fight.

“Tell your neighbour don’t fight for yourself! It is not today it started!”

He acknowledged the difficulty of the ministry but credited the grace of God with his sustenance. “People come to me and say Pastor I want to be like you, I ask them can you handle it? There is a grace! You just see things working, you think it’s natural. You can’t deal with issues the way others deal with it.

“Men award but God rewards. If you lean on human beings you are leaning on shadows. God is the person to depend on, not even a man of God. If you look back and you can still see God behind you, move on. One thing you are going to see in this church forever is that we love God.

“There is a God in heaven who will never write you off,” he said.

Pastor Biodun then took some time to make an altar call for salvation to which several people responded, with the front of the altar filled.

After he prayed for them and led them to Christ, he then began to address the issue he was sure everyone wanted to know about.

“I’m sure you read a lot about me on twitter and social networks,” he began. “You can’t imagine how many people have called me. I’ve received calls from some of my mentors. Everybody  is telling me don’t talk, that is the painful part. When I switch off my phone, they call my associates and tell them to tell me to ignore it.

“But as your Pastor I owe it to you to speak. We are going to speak but we are consulting to come up with a robust reply. From this pulpit, there are some things you don’t say. My destiny is not in anybody’s hands. One thing you can be assured of is that my wife and I love you.”

Just before dropping the microphone and leaving the altar, he said, “when we asked God, God said be quiet. Thank you!”
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  1. That's my pastor..

  2. Hmmmm, God knows it all. But who can do Gods work?

  3. God said you should not speak of it? Like Rily...i'm kinda convinced the girl was saying the truth; its not uncommon to hear pastors sleeping with female members; especially choristers!

  4. something in me tells me dat Ese is saying d truth.cause behind every rumour dere's an atom of truth n some1 said in d comment dat pastor Biodun n his friend has tried it with her b4.I don't expect pastor Biodun to agree sha but I definetly knw that God is watching n he will put d lier to shame.Chikina

  5. Biodun Fatoyinbo shld keep quiet joor, he shld not let pple start calln names of babes he had something to do with way back when he started @ wonderland gardens in Ilorin.

  6. The truth is the members of the church will support their pastor. The girl will be at the receiving end even if she is telling the truth. That's africa for u. If it were yankee, They would investigate this man. Now the girl must feel like its a million people against 1 person. I believe her though but I also believe she feels scorned. That is the root of all this revelation. Hell hath no fury like a "woman scorned"

  7. Well, about this issue, one can't just assume the veraciousness on any side of the parties involved but one thing I can say is that the girl doesn't sound too verisimilar, how can she say she was "Mislead?", an adult of her age and class, I don't wanna be seen as sounding chauvinistic but that's how I see it, at worst there is the possibility that they had something going but she wanted to blackmail him for money and threatened to spill the beans to the public, but when the pastor didn't comply she just went on with her threat.

  8. As far as I am concerned, you have not said anything to refute the allegation made against you. Or maybe I do not understand your language. Just make it simple by saying NO this never happened or better still if you are too proud or ashamed to confess to your subjects or congregation, then I suggest you go to a higher man of God and help yourself. One thing I am sure of is that you need help. Why do I believe Ese? I went through something similar in the hands of a man of God who claimed that he was visited by Jesus Christ in his home.
    Ladies, we really have to be careful. There is so much deception going on now in the world.

  9. Hmmmm guys is anybody sensing wat am sensing oooo. Defensive approach, if u are innocent why don't u come out straight and defend urself for christ sakes,if not for anytin but for d sake of the thousands of people dat luk up to u oooo pastor. The lady in question doesn't have any reason to lie on d pastor nor either is she lukn for moni or cheap publicity. The lady is simply. Among the many women in dat church dat have gone tru such abuse. Dis 1 na the bone weh no gree digest, e don hook.

  10. I honestly think this Pastor is a BIG SHAM with brainwashed members. He should watch out for video evidence. If it was in the western world, he will come clean, and beg for forgiveness.

  11. This man is a politician and he has handled dis shit well... i tell u this is dead and buried, no one ll talk abt it again. but the good thing is that the girls dat are sleeping with him at the moment ll stop and he ll restrategise on how to choose his girls and his wife ll be more at alert.

  12. Guys

    Please lets exercise some caution with our utterances. We should be careful not to condemn too quickly. God knows the truth & He (God) alone is in the best position to Judge. However, I'm very concerned that the Man of God hasn't come out to deny the allegations in strongest terms.

    We can all recall that the Devil has been using all these daughters of Jezebel to pull down many ministries & have derailed a lot of Pastors. I just pray that COZA doesn't end up like others that have been destroyed by women.

    Please let's continue praying for all the churches. We hear very strange things about churches these days.

    May God help us all.

  13. Thou shudnt judge. I Just want 2 share wit u my new found love n joy. Pls. My sisters there is no life dat can be compared 2 d life in JESUS. We ar at d last days. So many tins ar hapenin now which ar d fulfilment of d gospel.BE vigilant. Pray witout ceasin. JESUS is comin soon.

  14. Kai....see serious undiluted vexing!!

  15. The veracity of the lady's claim or the falsehood of same does not remove shame from the man of God. The Bible warns that we need be careful and watchful to the point that even our good must not be evil spoken about. That is why training and discipline of a minister comes in. This man of God has no training on Pastoral Ethics and I think he could come to LIFE Theological seminary and have good dose of this.Going to a hotel with a lady alone puts the man already in a box. The lady's words versus Pastor and no third party. The man needs prayers and knowledge.

  16. Its quite appaling that some so called "Christians" are among those writing comments that don't mean well for Christiandom. Its only in this Kingdom that we shoot our wounded soldiers instead of helping them up. Pst Biodun is just a man that can make mistakes like u and I. Whether he did it or not is left to him and God. Not for Christians to use this to make a mess of Christianity. You can`t nail him based on allegations. Who are the witnesses? where`s your evidence? Let his friends, church and loved ones stand by him at this trying times, please. He has been used by God to bless lives and every great man has at one time or the other gone through accusations and embarassments. I don't know him, never met pst Biodun, but I think we should not be quick to run into conclusions.

  17. i'm so glad he couldn't bring himself to lie in front of his congregation. people should read between the lines. What he is not saying is screaming between the lines. I pray he truly repents and asks for forgiveness from God, his wife and the church. People need to realise that pastors dating members is not a new thing and it happens everyday. I've been asked out by married "pastors" in various churches and had to change church everything it happened and at a point i believed i was the one with issues. i wanted to served in the house of God and am passionate about God but this pastor wahala kept happening and for years i stopped going to church altogether. It took fasting prayers and waiting on God to know that i was not the one with the problem and eventually i found where i'm happy. it's a pity we live in a chauvinistic society that blames the female gender for the weaknesses of Men.



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