Boko Haram Demand Release Of Commanders Captured In Nigeria And Cameroon

Northern Islamic militant group, Boko Haram has released a video of a French family of seven kidnapped last month in Cameroun.
A man in this video who resembles past images of the person previously identified as Abubakar Shekau says in Arabic that the kidnapping of the French family was carried out because of the arrest of Boko Haram members of their family members in Nigeria and Cameroun.

“God sent us the French hostages …,” he says in what is called a message to the presidents of Nigeria, Cameroun and France.

In his words: “the proof that we are holding them is that our brothers and sisters were captured in Nigeria and Cameroun … We seek no money but the release of our brothers.”
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  1. A very tight one for the 3 government to handle. Lets watch and see what happens 'cos it will send a bad message when these government especially Nigeria yield to thier demand.

  2. we are in a cross road .... safe us God.

  3. Who holds the ace? Would they drop arms when their men are released?

  4. hmmm,no comment..i just pity the french kidnaped family



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