M16 Special Forces Storm Bauchi As Briton Feared Killed By Islamist

British M16 Special forces stormed Bauchi State early hours of Sunday morning as news of British hostage assassination by islamist militants.
A Nigerian Islamist group ANSARU alleges it has killed seven foreign hostages who were abducted from a construction site last month.

The were taken from the compound of Setraco, a Lebanese construction company, in the town of Jama'are in Bauchi state on February 7.

The al Qaeda-linked Ansaru group, believed to be an offshoot of the larger Boko Haram, is said to be behind the abductions.

Nigerian authorities said they had no information to confirm the claims.

A spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: "We are aware of reports of the death of a British national in Nigeria and are urgently investigating."

The abducted workers were also thought to include four Lebanese people, an Italian and a Greek citizen.

A statement released on an Islamist website by Ansaru was accompanied by screen shots of a video purporting to show the dead hostages.

One showed a man with a gun standing above several figures lying on the ground.

The abduction of the hostages involved the largest number of foreigners seized in the mostly Muslim north of Nigeria since the Islamist insurgency there intensified two years ago.
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  1. Nigeria is becoming a terrorist heaven and the president is siting and doing nothing about it, the terrorist don’t even take him serious if he make a statement. Is a pity that a lovely country and peaceful country has become a place where everyone is now leaving in fear, different fears, lack of security , terrorist, kidnapping, harmed robbers, accidents on the increase, cults killing, the question is that what is the president and his cabinet doing about this issues?
    Nigeria is dying gradually and we are singing the praises of the evil ones in power. IT IS A SHAME

  2. It is obviousl that Jonathan is too weak to rule a tough country like ours .. He is always on top of the matter whereas he's nowhere to be found .

  3. There is a great problem and Nigerians dont even want the solution because it will seem as if one side is favoured.

    People are yet to come to terms with the fact that hitherto illitrate Niger-Delta militants can command such respect just because a security situation is to be curbed. If not tackled decisively, the lingering problem of boko haram will only attract more criminals to come and perpetrate crime on Nigerian soil. God save nigeria.

  4. Y
    all ds in d north alone r dia no muslim faithful in oda part of d
    country? northern lidas pls site up ds is nt d president fyt alone,talk 2
    d animals u call children.

  5. there will soon be war in Nigeria, thats the plans of the Boko Haram, but we can stop it! only an Anti Boko Haram can do that as MEND (Movement Emancipation of Niger Delta)



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