Nigeria Pardons Ex-Governor Alamieyeseigha Who Stole Millions

A presidential adviser says Nigeria has pardoned the former political benefactor of the nation's president, convicted of stealing millions of dollars while serving as a state governor.
Adviser Doyin Okupe said Wednesday that Nigeria's Council of States, a group headed by President Goodluck Jonathan, had approved the pardon for former Bayelsa state Gov. Diepreye Alamieyeseigha.

The decision, made in a closed-door meeting Tuesday, was greeted by outrage across Nigeria, an oil-rich nation long considered by activists as having one of the world's most corrupt governments. 

Nuhu Ribadu, a former police officer and corruption fighter in Nigeria, told The Associated Press that the decision was "the final nail" in the coffin for fighting graft in the country.

Investigations have also revealed that Ex-Gov Diepreye Alamieyeseigha is expected to chair the South South team of the Goodluck/Sambo 2015 Presidential campaign.

The ex-convict is also expected to run for Senate in 2015. 
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