Opinion - Tolerance, Intolerance And Manchester United Fans In Nigeria By @Mos_Hygh

In as much as I hate to spend all morning Googling and hashtag-searching my own name on Twitter to gauge the level of hostility I have provoked among certain Manchester United fans in Nigeria, I find their lack of tolerance rather disgraceful.

I recently realized my good friend Joachim MacEbong (@je_mc2) BLOCKED me on Twitter. This didn't come particularly as a surprise even though I expected a bit more maturity from a friend I have known for close to 18 years.

My initial thought was that Joachim's decision to BLOCK me was related to football banter on Twitter which constitutes a significant percentage of our Social Media interactions.

So I decided to reach out to Joachim via BBM and the following conversation ensued.
BBM Conversation Between Joachim and @Mos_Hygh

According to Joachim, he BLOCKED me because I insisted he 'SHUT THE FUCK UP' while he was trying to make silly excuses for Nani's challenge on Arbeloa that arguably resulted in United's elimination from the Champions League.
Retweet's from @Mos_Hygh and @je_mc2 on 5th Mar 2013 and 26 Feb 2013 respectively

I find it disgraceful that Joachim would find me using the same words he used in response to my Tweet posted above as offensive or abusive.

While there is hardly any moral equivalency or honest comparison between the Holocaust in Europe during World War II and the intolerant current actions of some Manchester United fans in Nigeria, It is worth noting that this kind of intolerant behavior has become synonymous with United fans in Nigeria.

More interestingly is the fact that Joachim even lied on BBM about using the "shut the fuck up" clause. Lest I digress, this kind of "GEJ like" hypocrisy is debate for another day.

United legend Roy Keane once said this about the club fans "they have a few drinks and probably the prawn sandwiches, I don't think some of the people who come to Old Trafford can spell football, never mind understand it"

I have consistently argued that Manchester United deserve better fans in Nigeria, that they continue to attract 'intolerant cowards' as fans speak volumes.

I must however express my appreciation to a few soccer fans (Man United fans inclusive) who have shown exemplary maturity and demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the game.

By @MosHygh

PS: I promised Joachim a short piece on the subject :-)

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  1. I think you should be a bit more objective in your biased analysis of man utd fans in Nigeria and besides that was a controversial red card as publishes by the media world over.I guess you know what the word controversial means?

  2. Did you have to Rugged the convo on here? I dunno you but that's just distasteful.

  3. The only thing right about this article is the title...
    The only thought driven bit about this article is ... The Title!

  4. Get a life! I know you and joachim.. Both of you are at the helm of affairs in childish behaviour. Besides every man is allowed to support his football club with all the passion he can accommodate.

  5. Don't seem to understand the purpose of this your write up, you have personal beef with JMC, a friend of yours for 18 years and you have to bring it to the public in the name of Man united fan? Pls park well, if you have been a football fan of any team for a while you will understand better than your meaningless generalisation

  6. Sad, yet they say we are d most intolerant group! We don't break into fighting when we lose. We don't paint cows 2 celebrate our victories. People don't lose deir lives when we lose and we rejoice quietly when we win. But obviously beefers can't handle that, the call us proud, cowards etc. To bring a trivial issue as an exchange of words between 2 longstanding friends to a public forum and generalize it, is the most cowardly and childish thing ever. Grow some balls woman!



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