Sports - FIFA Warn Nigerian Football Association Over Lesbian Ban

FIFA has written to the Nigerian Football Association over reports that lesbians had been banned from playing football in West African nation. 
A FIFA spokesman confirmed the letter but emphasised it was a preliminary inquiry.

Nigerian media has widely quoted Dilichukwu Onyedinma, head of the country’s women’s football league, as saying lesbian players would not be allowed to compete.

“Any player that we find is associated with it will be disqualified,” Onyedinma was quoted as saying. 

Gay rights campaigners including the Federation of Gay Games, the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation, Football v Homophobia and AllOut said they had written to FIFA president Sepp Blatter about the alleged ban. 

“The organisations sending this letter believe that FIFA must now take firm action,” said the campaigners.
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  1. May God almighty bless FIFA.

  2. Why is that western countries are always trying to intimidate africa countries, so Africa country sing the same song of evil as that of western countries? I cannot understand why it is all about double standard. Western world want to push African countries that do believe in their evil doing to join them, they at the same time they are preventing African countries from developing in one way or the other. Every country has their culturies and beliefs and why must them the so calle western world want to force their own culture and beliefs on us. If Nigeria law ban lesbianlish and gay, why must western evil groups and organizations them use one thing ar another to prssure us to accept thier evil act and go against pur law and beliefs. If the western countries are good let them join hand to develope Africa before they can introduce their evil acts here.

    FIFA chairman should know that Nigeria has a consutution and once our consutution ban a thing is ban in all areas in the country. Mr Blatter should know that Nigeria has her own laws and FIFA laws do not over ride Nigeria laws.



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