2nd Edition Of African Gay And Lesbian Awards To Be Hosted In Nigeria

The Kenya Human Rights Commission and the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission last year launched the first African gay and lesbian awards to honour lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexual and intersex people for their contributions to Kenyan society.
Strong indications have now emerged that the event might be hosted in Nigeria this year as human right groups look to show support for the Nigerian gay community.

The event, which was held at Charter Hall in Nairobi, saw politicians, employers and journalists awarded for their commitment to advancing equality and social acceptance for same-sex relationships in Kenya.

The aim was to encourage inclusion, tolerance and a respect for sexual diversity, one of the event’s organisers, Erick Gitari, told reporters.

Extending equal rights to people in same-sex relationships is a source of contention in Kenya.

Sodomy is punishable under Kenyan law with a penalty of five to 14 years imprisonment and homosexuality is a taboo for many in a country where religion is strong.

In November 2010 supporters and members of the gay and lesbian community blasted Prime Minister Raila Odinga for saying anyone engaging in homosexual activity should be arrested.

In February the same year an armed group raided a government health centre that provides HIV/Aids services to the community.

The group insisted they were trying to "flush out the gays”’, according to a Human Rights Watch report.

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  1. Don't worry, kirikiri maximum prison is awaiting the hosts,guests and their sympathisers.And for your records, prisons in Nigeria are not palatable.Be warned!

  2. Why Nigeria and not Kenya ? we have a law in place against such unclean indulgences and will not allow any foreigners to come here and insult our position on the alter of socalled Human right that only criticize government and those standing on the side of true justice.Human right that does not see anything wrong with Boko haram killing and maiming innocent people but are quick to see and criticize government action against the murderers.MAKE WE NO HEAR......!!!!!!!

  3. They're under demonic influence!!! Even in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, the unnatural immoral practices was not legalised, yet the cities were destroyed by the Almighty God. Animals have the natural instinct of having sex with the opposite sex, none will ever think of approaching same sex animal. Men have lost their natural dignity (God’s image)


  5. God forbid in Jesus name, amen... we will never see abomination in our land in Jesus name amen...

  6. Let the host and the guest be ready for Nigerians will cut them apart.If the white are animals, they should not come and impose their animalistic nature on africa.The advocates of gay policy should be banned from entering Nigeria, there material,social gathering etc. if we must keep our country free especially the younger generation from all forms of diseases and sexual corruption. nigerians say NO TO SAME SEX marriage, and that is our stand.

  7. this is totally animalistic and uncompromising in our beloved country, naija.

  8. I think this is a joke, because anybody in his or her senses will not feel a sexual attraction towards the opposite sex. Such an individual, would be suffering from one psychological defect or the other. It can never be ordinary. Well, I have pity for them because they are in satanic bondage. I pray God to deliver them.

  9. May God punish them all.....Gay people are nothin less than animal.

  10. Let them come, they will all be arrested. They are all evil spirit in human skin.

  11. I hope they hold the awards. Gays are normal people like us, and NO, I am not a Lesbian.

  12. Gay practicing in any part of the world is an insult to the most standard of morality and decency. And completely an insane behaviour.

  13. Jesus is the way,the truth and the life

  14. Life without Christ is already a CRISIS

  15. In there dreams ,! Ha ha ha ha ha Nigeria is now governed by a law against gays period!



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