A Boeing 727 Aircraft Gets Converted Into A Functioning Hotel {PICTURED}

Looking to get away to somewhere you’ve never been? Well, we’re pretty sure you’ve never slept in a Boeing 727 airplane that has been converted into a hotel room after crashing.
But, that’s exactly what this is. The plane is a vintage 1965 Boeing 727, which is basically a piece of history at this point. 

The plane was remodeled and renamed the 727 Fuselage Home. The artifact was salvaged piece by piece to recreate the structure from the ground up, while transforming it into a hotel room that actually functions.

At first, the fuselage was resting at the San Jose airport, but now it’s been transported to the jungles of Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica. Looking to stay here? The rates are going to run you about $500 per day, but it’s worth it.

Think about it — you’re sitting in a hotel room that was once an airplane. That’s pretty rare when it comes to booking a stay somewhere. Check out more pictures of the Boeing 727 hotel below.

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  1. What an innovation! An aircraft being turned into an hotel. But i wonder how many guest it can take at a time. Anyway, inventors, Bravo!

  2. yes...this is good! why should the resources be wasted. Good one



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