Church Members Blast Nigerian Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo For Failing To Tell The Whole Truth About Adultery Allegations

This whole Ese Walter and Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo's sex scandal saga keeps getting messier. Concerned members of the Common Wealth Of...

This whole Ese Walter and Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo's sex scandal saga keeps getting messier.
Concerned members of the Common Wealth Of Zion Assembly, COZA church have expressed disappointment that their Pastor has not categorically accepted or denied the accusations levelled against him.

Fatoyinbo has been in the news since the the blogger and church member, Ese Walter made the confession some days ago.

However, the pastor who spoke on the accusations in the Sunday service has neither come out to refute or accept the allegation but claimed that when he asked God, God told him to keep quiet, a statement, which his teeming members have described as ‘immaterial.’

Some members of the church are strongly not in support of his silence rather they want him to come out and clear the air.

According to a member of the church who gave his name as Israel said the pastor should stop beating about the bush but come out to tell his members the whole truth.

“God can’t ask you to keep quiet in this matter because his name is at stake too. The church of God is being accused here and same God is telling him to keep quiet? That is immaterial, I can’t accept that. I came to church this morning to hear from him only for him to spoil my day with such statement.”

The man went on to say he would still continue to worship with the church “I’m not worshiping the man of God, my aim is to make heaven at last, that won’t stop me from going to the church but we should not lie against God,” he added.

Another lady who gave her name as Tees, said, “The truth is that members of the church will support their pastor. The girl will be at the receiving end even if she is telling the truth. That’s Africa for you. If it were Yankee, They would investigate this man.

Now the girl must feel like its a million people against one person. I believe her though, but I also believe she feels scorned. That is the root of all this revelation. Hell hath no fury like a “woman scorned”

For Simzie, the man of God is yet to clear the air on the matter.

According to her, “As far as I am concerned, you have not said anything to refute the allegation made against you, or maybe I do not understand your language. Just make it simple by saying NO, this never happened or better still if you are too proud or ashamed to confess to your subjects or congregation, then I suggest you go to a higher man of God and help yourself.

One thing I am sure of is that you need help. Why do I believe Ese? I went through something similar in the hands of a man of God who claimed that he was visited by Jesus Christ in his home. Ladies, we really have to be careful. There is so much deception going on now in the world,” she warned.

Another angry member of the ministry who would not want his name mentioned said he would be disappointed if the pastor is found guilty of the allegation.

According to him, “There’s no smoke without fire, a lady would not just wake up and start writing what she doesn’t know. I just pray he’s impeccable because this is big shame to the body of Christ,” he said.
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  1. It is very sad thing. but i have got to ask:did the pastor force these ladies? come on, if these things did happen the ladies are as guilty as the pastor, How are we sure the ladies were not the one seducing the pastor and we are getting all these when it had not gone down their way. no one is guilty until proven guilty. lets allow the pastor to tell us his own side. I am not saying the pastor is right, but we are yet to prove these claims, until then lets be wise with our utterances. if we have studied the scripture well, we will find why we must watch our utterances, even in condemning what is obviously wrong. in one instance, David committed sexual sin and God punished him, but what would appear to be strange in that episode is that God also punished everyone who abused or stood up against David during the time for which he suffered for the sin he had committed. God spared not even David's son. We know what is right and we will stand by what is right but we do not make men, God does

    1. You are right in your words. No body is above mistake. It is only God that knows what happens in the dark.

  2. Its a pity when people see the truth, the obvious and try to mask it. Who told u in the first place that avery pastor was called by God to do His work? Most are there because they are smooth talkers so they can make money in the name of the Lord. Because Abiodun is a pastor we should keep quiet even when he does something abominable and condemnable? I wish the devil would make him or any other randy pastor sleep with your wife, daughter or your mama. It is fools like you that fight to protect bad and sexual sins and I believe u are birds of a feather.

  3. Any person in that manner, "whether man of god, or man of devil" that embroiled in sexual immorallity ultimately has lost his bearing with GOD. If he wants to be a true man of GOD, should refrain from satanic manipulations for his selfish desires! GOD is CLEAN, GOD is RIGHTEOUS. Light and darkness to go together! Stop Deceiving your self!

  4. Most of your pastors are scammers'

  5. End - Time Pastor, they are many

  6. The way agents of Satan are attacking Churches this days is bringing to pass that in the last days The love of many shall wax cold. Please be vigilant and rely only on the word of God. In another angle, there are really prophets of devil deceiving their sheep, please open your eyes many men of God have deviated from the truth
    Men of God should also be careful on the people that come for counselling, some are sent by the devil to seduced them.

  7. If there is any member of COZA or any church at all that have never for once have sex with another man's wife or outside marriage then let such speaks evil against the Man of God.

    Why is Ese coming out in public on the Pastor, why not other guys or married Men she's have sex with. She has confess and seek for God's forgiveness if that's what she want then why did she want to judge the Pastor? Why did she want the Pastor coming out to say YES....she Ese has confess then she should leave the Pastor to God to be judged.

    The God i serve can and will never change.

  8. it's amazing the way people have blind faith in their pastors , forgetting that the Pastor first a man and then a pastor. common guys he has flesh and blood running through his vein just like everyone and as such subject to the same temptations and trials. Now while i am not taking sides i would say that if it was the lady that tried to seduce the pastor Why didn't he refuse and run the way joseph ran from Potiphar's wife or better still command the demon in her to come out of her. As for the lady i'm sure she knows better than to make false accusations knowing fully the punishments that goes with making false witness against an MOG, and should have said no to the pastor's advances.
    Christians in Nigeria need to stop this attitude of giving their pastors Godlike Status 'Whatever my pastor says is final''my pastor can never be wrong' et al . Not only is this idolatry, it puts undue pressure on the MOG, remember even Apostle Paul said he was striving for perfection Not that he was perfect.



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