SHOCKING: Wedding Dream For Bride Born A Boy And Groom Born A Girl After Transgender Surgery

The “body swap” pair are planning to marry in March 2015, when they hope to have completed their gender reassignment surgery.
As a child, Jamie Eagle couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle as a ­beautiful bride, picturing the princess dress, the bridesmaids and flowers.

It is not an unusual dream for a girl, but Jamie was a boy, and desperate not to be.

Not only are her wishes coming true but in a remarkable twist, groom Louis Davies was also born in the wrong body – as a girl.

Now the “body swap” pair are planning the perfect wedding in March 2015, when they both hope to have completed their gender reassignment surgery.

“Ever since I was five I dreamed of being a bride, getting dolled up and feeling glamorous,” says Jamie, 20.

“I went to my sister’s wedding a couple of years ago and I was so happy for her, but it was so ­difficult knowing I might never have that for myself.

"Now I know I’m going to have that perfect day to remember.”

Louis, 25, says: “I love Jamie so much. I was so nervous proposing. I spent two hours choosing the perfect ­engagement ring.

"I planned to propose at our favourite restaurant but I panicked and went down on one knee in our kitchen.

“ I just felt so incredibly happy when she said yes. It’s the happiest I’ve ever felt. I can’t wait to see her walk down the aisle.”

Happiness is long overdue for the pair from Bridgend, South Wales, who both struggled with their identities from childhood.

But after meeting 10 months ago, they are now both taking hormones and on the waiting list for surgery.

They even hope to adopt and start a family together.

Jamie, who has kept her original name, was just three when she first felt trapped in the wrong body.
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  1. Do not mock God please. No body is created in 'a wrong body'. We are all created beautifully in His image in respective of the gender He chooses for us. God himself confirmed His creations has 'Good'. Wanting to change to a different gender is just a pyschological and mental problem that can be resolved and has nothing to do with been created in a wrong body.

  2. Are you saying God made a mistake or what? This is madness! Lord have mercy.

  3. God can't make a mistake because he knows everthing from the begging

  4. God can't make a mistake because he knows everthing from the begging



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