South Africa's Angelo Speaks About His Shenanigans With Beverly Osu In The Bathroom

First things first, the South African housemate – Angelo has denied his widely publicized “girlfriend”, saying: “I didn’t have a girlfriend before I got into the house, but I had someone I told to wait for me so that we would see what would happen when I get out of the house. 
I will be focused on what I want to do as a person and then focus on my relationship with Bev and see where we will take it to,”

Angelo was also asked why he had s*x with Beverly openly in the bath, and this is what he had to say:

“We didn’t have s*x. We talked about it. 

There were some things I said I wasn’t going to do in the house. I respect my mum so much. Before I got into the house, there were things I told my mummy I wasn’t going to do. 

I wasn’t b*tt unclad. It looked as if we were having s*x in that bathtub [but] we were just kissing. I couldn’t take advantage of Beverly because I respect her so much.”

Angelo is backing up the statement made by Beverly in the BB house when she insinuated that they hadn’t had s*x yet.

Angelo also said he intends to take his relationship with Beverly to the next level once she is done with BBA.

“We will try and work things out and see how we can make our relationship work. At the same time, I hope the people of Nigeria don’t hate Bev. 

I would love to come to Nigeria and experience Nigerian culture and take lots of pepper,” Angelo added.
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  1. Rubbish, who do you intend to decieve? A one year old baby or adults with eyes and brian? Ohh!!! Please spare us that explanation its your life so live it.



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