Syrian Mother Hugs Dead Children After Alleged Chemical Weapon Attack | VIDEO

A somber video out of Syria appears to show a mother saying goodbye to her children following an alleged attack with chemical weapons on the outskirts of Damascus on Wednesday. 
Activists and members of the Syrian opposition have reported a death toll ranging between 136 and 1,300 victims.

Though the footage could not be independently verified, the gut-wrenching images show a woman hugging a deceased child in silence, then briefly examining another. 

She then covers the bodies, composes herself and steps away. The moment she pauses by a pillar says more than any description of the scene could.

CBS notes the footage was obtained and distributed by the Syrian opposition.

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  1. Are these people so cruel & heartless,how can they do that to innocent children?how would they feel if it is done to their own painful to see such thing,may God save them from all Evils Amen

  2. Just a pity what a wicked world



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