REVEALED: How Mezut Ozil's Obsession With Beautiful Women Threatened His Football Career

German-born Ozil’s weakness for beautiful women was a major factor in Real Madrid’s decision to sell him, it was reported.
New Arsenal star Mesut Ozil’s obsession with a former Miss Venezuela could have threatened his football career, it was ­reported yesterday.

The £42.5million ace is said to have worn himself out flying to Italy several times a month to see Milan-based ­model Aida Yespica – once dubbed the world’s hottest WAG.

German-born Ozil’s weakness for beautiful women was a major factor in Real Madrid’s decision to sell him, according to Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

It claimed: “The early morning trips, ­extended to the last minute of passion, led to a down affecting his performances.”

Ozil, 24, Arsenal’s best-paid player on £150,000 a week, allegedly hired a ­private plane at £15,000 a time to visit Yespica, 31.

A practising Muslim who recites the Koran before games, Ozil is now dating singer Mandy Capristo.
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  1. I don't understand the 'practising muslim' bit. Does it include sex out of wedlock or not? Or is he a 'ceremonial muslim'? LOL

  2. Abeg...NigerianEye...dnt just lift stories out of newspapers n post them shows indifference on ur part as regards d type of info u diseminate..which shldnt be so..I read a lot of ur stories n b4 I comment I go a bit deeper just to inform myself further..but this ur story on Ozil is a fallacy..for ur information Ozil is a devout practising muslim who wld only be fooling himself if he claims to pray regularly n b4 matches if he womanises as ur story depicts him..wat u must know is dat dis story was concocted by d Real Madrid heirachy n released to a publication dey control to paint Ozil in a bad light n also justify his sale to appease Real Madrid fans who were calling for Perez's head while trying to calm d turbulence his sale has generated in their dressing room..ronaldo,pepe,coentrao have all voiced out angrily to dat sale..for more info abt arsenal news u can go to d arsenal website or go to

  3. Anon @09:40, you obviously know more about this guy and football more than you know ABC. What a typical tool walking the streets of Nigeria! Get a life of your own dummy!



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