SHOCKING: Colorado Teenage Girl Sends Mom Scary E-Mail, Then Stabs Her 79 Times To Death

18-year old Isabella Guzman from Colorado is being held by police on counts of 1st degree murder after stabbing her mother 79 times till she died.
NewsDay reports that Guzman was being held on suspicion of first-degree murder on Friday in the death of 47-year-old Yun-Mi Hoy.

According to an arrest affidavit, Hoy’s husband told police that Isabella attacked his wife in their upstairs bathroom Wednesday night. He said Isabella then walked out past him, staring straight ahead and holding a knife.

Hoy called police to her home earlier that day because of Isabella’s behavior. Officers warned Isabella that her mother could throw her out of the home.

The teen’s father, Robert Guzman, told Denver’s KMGH-TV that he had counseled his daughter at her mother’s request hours before the killing.
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  1. This is just a prelude of what is to come on this planet. There is some serious spiritual warfare going on and just as the Bible speaks people are worshipping false idols, lover's of themselves and everything except living a Holy life. I watched part of her probable cause hearing on HLN and trust me she was under the influence of a very strong demonic spirit, more than likely it was "Jezebel". She was looking directly into the camera with her smug, arrogant attitude and nothing about her was remorseful. See this is what happens when parents fail to raise their children as our Heavenly Father has instructed them to do. Her mother worked hard to give her everything she wanted however it is very evident that she failed to teach her about God and obedience to him and her parents. This is no case of adhd or manic depressive or bipolar, this is selling out to pure evil. This girl threatened her in a email stating "You will pay" to me that is a felony threat and she should have been arrested and charged. Stabbing your mother or anyone else 79 times or any amount of times is the work of the enemy. Trust and believe this world is under some serious demonic spiritual warfare and just look at the stories in mainstream news and you will see the signs are all there. People are living their lives, full of pride, lust, greed and so forth and no one is really paying attention. Churches are preaching prosperity instead of salvation and that is not Kingdom work. We are here to serve others not to gain all we can here, trust and believe there are some serious times coming and wicked and evil will be everywhere. Everyone pays health, car and even home insurance but my question is what insurance do you pay for making sure your salvation is on the right path. This is an unfortunate story and it's sad to say but as times go on stories like this will become more common. Wake up people before it is too late. Stop worshipping your false idols and stop trying to gain the world because it will cause you to lose your salvation.



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