Sudan rearrests Christian woman on death row

A Sudanese woman freed from death row on Monday has been arrested with her family at Khartoum airport, sources have told the BBC.

Mrs Meriam Ibrahim was sentenced to hang in May for renouncing Islam, sparking widespread outrage at home and abroad.
About 40 security agents detained Ibrahim – along with her husband, Daniel Wani and two children – at the airport, the sources said.

On Monday, Wani said the family intended to leave for the US.
Ibrahim was released from prison after an appeal court annulled the death sentence imposed on her.
She was arrested in February, and gave birth to a daughter in prison not long after being sentenced.
The family has been taken to the headquarters of one of Sudan’s security agencies, the sources said.
Before she was rearrested, Western countries had welcomed the decision to rescind the death penalty.
Born to a Muslim father, Ibrahim, 27, married Wani, a Christian, in 2011.

Sudan has a majority Muslim population, and Islamic law has been in force there since the 1980s.
Even though Ibrahim was brought up as an Orthodox Christian, the authorities considered her to be a Muslim because that is the religion of her father.
Wani has US citizenship.
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