Ex-Libyan NTC chief to mediate in Tripoli crisis

The former chairman of the Libyan National Transitional Council, Mustapha Abdeljelil, is to preside over a group tasked with the responsibility to end the clashes that broke out on July 13.

The clashes were between armed groups around Tripoli airport, the Libyan Government said in a statement on Friday.

The eight-member group is expected to immediately work with the warring groups to end the fighting, the statement said.

The Abdeljelil-led group can also engage other personalities with a view to carrying out its mission successfully.

The armed clashes continued even on Thursday evening in the Libyan capital, causing further damage to parked airplanes and airport infrastructure.

The fighting had also forced residents of the neighbouring zones of the airport, like the districts of Gasr Ben Gashir and al-Akwakh, as well the zones near the military camps, to move to safer areas.
On Wednesday, rockets fire reached the districts near the city centre, like Gorgi, and an oil terminal located on the way to the airport.

The clashes are between the former rebels of Zenten, who seized airport after the fall of the Muammar Gadhafi’s regime in 2011.

Reports say it is an alliance that included Libya’s revolutionaries, backed by some ex-rebels from Misrata.

The fighting has already claimed the lives of 47 persons and left 120 others injured a recent report added.
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