Obama to host African leaders

United States of America’s President Barack Obama has planned to hold a leadership summit with African leaders.

The meeting is expected to strengthen ties between the United States and Africa. According to Obama, on Thursday, African countries are important to American people and that they deserve to be respected.

“I do not see the countries and peoples of Africa as a world apart; I see Africa as a fundamental part of our interconnected world – partners with America on behalf of the future we want for all of our children. That partnership must be grounded in mutual responsibility and mutual respect.”

The American President will, in August, host leaders from across Africa on a three-day US-Africa Leaders Summit, the first of its kind. The summit, the largest event any US president has held with African heads of state and government, will build on Obama’s trip to the continent in 2013.

According to the US Department of State Bureau of African Affairs on US-Africa foreign policy, the American government is particularly interested in helping Nigeria to tackle the Boko Haram insurgents and to rescue the more than 200 abducted schoolgirls.

Ahead of the summit, the DOS Assistant Secretary, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, said the summit would focus on peace, security and violent extremism in Nigeria and other West African countries.

The August 4-6 summit will highlight America’s commitment to Africa’s security, its democratic development, and its people.

“African leaders and President Obama will engage in dialogue in three action-oriented sessions that will address issues of shared interest and mutual concern…concerns regarding peace and security, including a discussion of long-term solutions to regional conflicts, peacekeeping challenges, and combating transnational threats,” a statement issued by the DOS added.

The theme of the summit is, ‘Investing in the Next Generation.’
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