Ebola: Spain To Repatriate Elderly Priest Who Contracted The Deadly Virus In West Africa

A Spanish priest with Ebola is to be repatriated to his homeland. Miguel Pajares, 75, was working in West Africa carrying out missionary...

A Spanish priest with Ebola is to be repatriated to his homeland.

Miguel Pajares, 75, was working in West Africa carrying out missionary work when he contracted the deadly virus.

The illness has claimed the lives of nearly 900 people in the region since February.

There is no known cure and no vaccine to protect against the disease.

Pajares had been working in Liberia when he tested positive for Ebola at a hospital in the capital Monrovia.

Spanish authorities are organizing his repatriation in line with World Health Organization procedures, the health ministry official said.

Pajares, the first Spaniard to be diagnosed with Ebola, belongs to the Madrid-based, non-profit organization Juan Ciudad and the Hospital Order of San Juan de Dios, which had requested the priest's urgent transfer to Spain earlier on Tuesday.

The news comes as it emerged a Welsh woman has voluntarily put herself in quarantine after returning from an infected country in West Africa.

A Public Health England spokesman confirmed to the reporters tonight that “around 30” people have been tested for the killer bug across the country but all results were negative. The majority are believed to be Brits.

In a separate statement, Dr Brian McCloskey, the body’s director of global health, said: “We have advised all frontline medical practitioners to be alert to signs and symptoms of Ebola in those returning from affected areas.

“Following such advice we would expect to see an increase in testing. In the unlikely event we have a positive case in the UK this information will be made available to the public.

“It is important to remember there has never been a case of imported Ebola in the UK.”

Officials said the Welsh woman, who is confined to her home in Cardiff, had been under surveillance for a week and “seems well”. She recently visited West Africa where more than 1,600 people have been infected and 887 killed in the latest outbreak.

Experts said people could not be tested before the onset of symptoms. As the woman is not sick she has not been checked.

In its early stages Ebola has flu-like symptoms and the usual maximum incubation period before they emerge is 21 days.

Meanwhile US aid workers Dr Kent Brantly and colleague Nancy Writebol, who contracted Ebola in Liberia, are improving after being given an experimental drug.

Source: Mirror UK

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