US Ambassador To Nigeria Reveals How Ex-Army Boss Ihejirika Diverted Military Funds Abroad

A former Chief of Army Staff, General Azubuike Ihejirika is in the cross hairs of the United States as that nation is insisting that the former army top gun be probed for alleged diversion of funds meant for the procurement of weapons and other warfare equipment meant for the army.
Local sources hinted that Ihejirika who arguably one of the wealthiest retired Generals allegedly pocketed billions of naira meant for the Army.

According to a source, the US Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle raised the issue when he met recently with President Goodluck Jonathan in Abuja.

Ambassador Entwisle at the meeting at the Presidential Villa, said the U.S is particularly concerned about the sudden riches of Ihejirika.

Ihejirika, who was fingered as one of the sponsors of Boko Haram by the Australian hostage negotiator, Davies, is the front-runner for the Abia state Gover‎norship seat.

Investigations revealed that the US Ambassador told Jonathan that the Americans who were in Nigeria to assist in the fight against insurgents were shocked to find out that what was on ground did not match the billions allocated under Ihejirika’s watch.

There have been pockets of grumbling amongst the army rank and file over obsolete and some times lack of top shelf weapons. This boiled over when some soldiers mutinied against a General. Those soldiers were court martialed and sentenced to death.

In 2012 alone the defence budget for capital expenditure was N34.36 Billion‎ with a whooping N5.71 Billion earmarked for the acquisition of equipment by the Army.

U.S President Barack Obama or the Secretary of state, John Kerry is expected to discuss the issue with Jonathan at some close sessions during the United Nations General Assembly.

The alleged rot and high level corruption in the military, sources said, has affected the morale of the Americans who here as technical partners and advisers.

Entwistle, it was learnt told Jonathan, every top military officer should be held accountable if he wants the US to be part of the fight against insurgents. also gathered that the high level corruption, contract inflation and purchase of obsolete equipment and arms cut across the three services.

This rot made Defence minister General Aliyu Gusau to insist that every contract or procurement must pass through his office. Curiously, this move did not go down well with the service chiefs who had hitherto enjoyed autonomy.

Said our source ” the Americans want Ihejirika and his cohort probed. They are insisting that the Government must hold thieving Generals accountable if Nigeria wants them to be part of the fight against Boko Haram”

“The Ambassador expressed his nations unhappiness with what Ihejirika did with the billions allocated to the Army. They are insisting he be probed. We all know he is one of the riches retired Generals‎ around. He made billions that is why he wants to be Abia Governor,” said our source.

Source: PointBlankNews

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  1. Strange news,, ihejirika hahaha
    Am not hearing it well,,
    Igbo people

  2. American, Northern and APC conspiracy against Ihejirika. Let him substantiate his allegation. Ihejirika political enemies conniving with North, APC, British and America at it again, as they sent used war crime it did not work, they used Davis accusing him of sponsoring BH Nigerians disgraced and rejected that. now they are coming with another all in a bid to stop Ihejirika who Nigerians are hailling for fighting BH to still. This is a confirmation that BH is a joint conspiracy of APC, NEF, British, and America to frustrate Fed Govt. This reason for not supporting govt to fight BH is laughable. Was it also why America refused to allow Isreal sell Chinook military chopper to Nigeria to combat? Was it also why they refused to send Zmapp to Nigeria to stop Ebola brought into country by their citizen Mr. Sawyer? It is known that America and Britain favors the North and have continued to do everything possible to stifle and hinder the govt bcos GEJ is from south oil producing area. They can no longer stole from Nigeria and so, will do everything to return Nigeria to status quo. Because of civil war which British, USA and their Allied forces executed for Nigerian side against Biafran side these countries have continued to fight and hinder reemergence of Ibos. They have continued to advise and encourage other Nigerians, especially the North not to have any Ibo man take up any sensitive position in Nigeria, let alone Chief of Army Staff or similar position. Which means the war against the Ibos is still on though cold.. Could this be the reason sudden travel of Babangida, to arrange for this since the other previous strategies/allegations ( War crime, Sponsoring BH) were not accepted by Nigerians. The Britian and their allies in northern Nigeria, APC and abroad do not want any Ibo man become President of Nigeria. This is the bone of contention. After all OBJ once said that those who lost war should not think of rising up in less than 100 years, this was said during his bid for second term in office. This is conspiracy against the South south where the GEJ hails from and Ibos in particular not just Ihejirika. The same way federal govt DSS used CAN jet to transfer money for weapons, APC and her cohorts would not allow Nigerians to hear something. Have America and her cohorts investigated the source and destination of the money, whether it was meant for weapon. Ihejirika had once said that the money they accused him of is still intact. Ihejirika is not the only military chief who is "rich", I wonder how someone who worked in such capacity will suddenly become poor. politically someone can be sponsored by those who admire him. These people should stop harassing this man Ihejirika because the cannot pin him down with any proof. The same questions Nigerians asked Davis will I still ask American Ambassador where are the proofs? Perhaps APC, NEF has made some compromises and sold out to USA, and Britian/Australia to gain their support and suffocate current Fed govt for 2015. By God's grace it will not work, none of their evil agenda will work. They want Ihejirika for exchange of assistance to Nigeria. Na waooo! Dirty politics.

    1. Anonymous,when will see the truth and said it as it is? Igbos where saying Ihejirika is Innocent of BH sponsor,now another bomb.So what are you saying? The blood of the innocent lost in the North will be on all of thier head.if you partake you will eaualy be judged..Shemfull money mongering tribe ..IHEJIRIKA

    2. Some Ibos have lost their thinking faculty. They are acting and talking like stark illiterate. Very unfortunately, now we can see why the Ibos cannot be trusted with the leadership of this country. They can sale off Nigeriia whether in Dollars, Euro or Pound Sterling.

    3. If I may ask you, Mr faceless. Have all those so-called conspiracies been allowed to be investigated or probed? Until that is done I think some people will continue to hold their suspesion

    4. think before u waste ur time to write all dis jagons.

  3. Sunny or whatever you call yourself stop insulting Ibos, I do not where you came from, if at all ihejirika diverted money. Is he the only person who have diverted money? Because OBJ who was only N20,000.00 rich prior to being the President and later enriched himself, that has made all yorubas are corrupt? Or because Abacha stole so many from Nigeria so all hausas/fulanis and northerners are all thieves? Does Ibori conviction as diverting money made all south south people criminals? Or Babangida stole of oil windfall make all midbeltans corrupt? So do not be stupid and stop writing what you do not know about. Foool! The conspiracy and plot against Ibos will not work. I know their target is GEJ, because Ibos are supporting him solidily. This blackmail will fail.

  4. Na wa oh !

    Just this little opportunity, at least the first time of making an I**o man the Army Chief.

    Chehi ! wahala dey 9ja. GEJ administration is rated as the most corrupt government in the history of Nigeria.

    9ja should watch, you will see that nothing happens because he is not the only Iherijirika but others including Alison madueke to mention few.

  5. Oh my GOD!!!!! These igbos mumu ooo!!! I SWEAR

  6. If person steal should anyone defend him Wether he is Igbo or Hausa or Yoruba?

    People let us be sensible otherwise we shd never complain.

  7. I don't like stories. I like proofs. Every tom dick and harry these days has something to say. Spare us stories, show evidences. We are tired of America always knowing but not revealing.

  8. what the hell is wrong with you ppl? buhari said a simple proverb which you interpreted into boko haram, yet no single proof to connect him to bh even from his worst enemies PDP. please if there is we will highly entertain it. But now suprisingly not APC member, not a Northerner, not Muslims etc a man employed by the president himself exposed this ppl, now an ambassador is repeating it. yet you imbeciles are denying. the simple truth is the finger is pointing to him and his friends alike for now. so investigate now what are you afraid of.

  9. Beating About Thr Bush! Jonathan Shuld Be The First Man To Hold Accountable For All The Atrocities. The Problem is Simply That When You Have An Incompetent Head All Other Systems Are Bound To Collapse. Before Anythn Can Get Better, Badluck Needs To Quite For A More Suitable And Competent, Stronghearted And Focused Person.

  10. i dont know where are we heading to. really 9ja pple we are not happy with this govt. at all. may that how mr president "fresh air" is

  11. i dont know where are we heading to. really 9ja pple we are not happy with this govt. at all. may that how mr president "fresh air" is

  12. Nigerian youth please come alive refuse sectional , religion,political and all sentiment used by our fathers in consuming our tomorrow We ve not enjoy today because our elder brothers followed the sentimental lines . pls come alive use the internet positively . Engage in personal investigation, mail individual and organization who gave information on issues of interest to you and help to provide useful solution with evidence then can our future be safe. please safe and save our tomorrow be true NIGERIAN.



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