Baby North West Has Her Own Set Of Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Dolls—Take A Look!

Who needs Barbies when you can have this amazing toy?!

Khloé Kardashian took to Instagram where she revealed two dolls modeled after North West's mom and dad, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Simply captioned "West," the photo features the unique toys we can't help but fall in love with. Designed by Celine's Dolls in Brooklyn, New York, the custom portrait art dolls have special details you can't possibly ignore.

"Since @KhloeKardashian's post, people have asked a few things," the designer explained on Instagram. "Mini Kanye is wearing a faux mink vest and slightly shiny distressed faux leather pants. And yes, Kim has hips!" 

Kim's doll also shows off her signature style with an animal print top, knee-length skirt and shoes that easily match her hubby's.
"Details on Mini Kim: red lips, leopard top and a personalized bling (crystals) #AllAboutTheDetails #OneofOne #CelinesDolls," the designer added.

On the company's official website, the genius mind behind the realistic dolls describes each creation as one-of-a-kind that "are more than look-alikes…they capture your very essence." Prices for the mini dolls begin at less than $200.
And for those who were wondering, the designer has created a Mini North as well.

Featuring a floral headpiece, pink tutu and a shirt donning the Eifel Tower, we'd say it fits the little West perfectly.
"I want to touch the hearts of many with my dolls, I want to bring smiles and fuzzy feelings to little ones," the designer wrote on Instagram. "I still do everything by myself, I take pride in it, I am a tiny business with a big dream."
Based on the work with the Kardashians, we can only predict business will boom sooner rather than later!

Source: E!
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