FINALLY! Influential Nigerian Pastor Bishop David Oyedepo Reacts To Being Named World's Richest Man Of God

Winners Chapel GO Bishop David Oyedepo who recently turned 60, has reacted to the List of World’s Richest pastors where he was placed at No.1 with an estimated worth of about $150million.

Asked about Forbes’ estimate of his fortune, Bishop Oyedepo told Reuters that he doesn’t know how Forbes arrived at their figure but says he’s blessed…

“For me, to have fortune means someone who has what he needs at any point in time. I don’t see myself as having $150 million stacked up somewhere. Whatever way they found their figures, I am only able to say I am blessed by the Lord.”

Asked if churches should pay tax considering how much they make, Bishop Oyedepo said;
“There is no single government input on this premises. We supply our water, we make our roads, then you … say: ‘Let’s tax them’. For what?”

Source: Osun Defender
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  1. God bless you sir!!!!!!!!! You are really blessed.

  2. That's the most unreasonable comment to make on the issue of tax payment by churches. What happens to other Nigerians that provide their own water, security, power, road community effort, education etc and still pay our taxes.

    1. Pls! No matter your grievances you don't just open your mouth to talk to people anyhow let alone an elderly and a man of God. Pls learn some manners okay.

    2. Nigerians...pls hw does manners concern that comment? Pls G.O pay ur tax...shekina! Whether u generate power or not pls



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