I’m overwhelmed —Popular Nigerian Blogger Linda Ikeji •Fans comment On Her Google Ordeal

As the month of October evolved, Nigeria’s controversial blogger, Linda Ikeji has been embattled by various writers and journalists on the issue of copyright infringement and Property theft.

A certain Mr Ayee Dee on twitter began to report the blogger to Google for taking her works without crediting it.

The editor-in-chief of a United States based media group, 15-past-8, accused Ikeji of copyright infringement and began a social media campaign involving Twitter users.

The blogger, however, issued a 15-paragraphed response to Mr Aye Dee accusing him of being a hijacker who wanted to bring her blog down. She also traced the antagonism she was receiving to the new SUV Range Rover she got a few weeks ago.

But 24-hours after the statement was released, Ikeji’s blog was deleted by Google.

However, this did not go down well with Ikeji’s supporters who criticised Mr Ayee Dee. A Twitter user @bamidele, prayed that Ikeji would come back better, while another user, @Alabamau@blog, said, “we love you aunty Linda.”

And Ikeji, thanking “guys” for all the love and support, said, “I’m overwhelmed, trying to get a new site. Please bear with me. Long live  LIB.

Yet another user, @ Atta Abraham, said, “Please do oh. We are still here, not running away but please, be careful next time.

Another Nigerian, @duncan, on Twitter was of the opinion that what happened to Ikeji was a lesson to all Nigerian bloggers, warning them to always credit their sources.

A source close to Ikeji’s camp also told Tribune, the blogger “makes approximately $900,000 a year and that is too much to make solo. She even still uses her savings account.

“Above all, Linda doesn’t admit her mistakes. She uses pictures without paying and giving credit. Maybe this is a lesson from God.”

Source: Nigerian Tribune
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